The sun can cry too

The sun can cry too

Its a dull start to the day

It looks like rain is on its way,

A breeze smelling of lavender blows where I lie

No wait I see a face so bright it hasnt passed me by

Silly me saying all this,it was only the sun having a cry

Another day another battle I must not whine,

For after she stops crying you`ll see she will shine

So next time when feeling sad and see rain dropping by

Remember its nothing much,just the sun having a cry.

11 Replies

  • Beautiful xx

  • That's lovely x

  • A magnificent poem and reminder - that the sun does return to shine.

    Thanks a million.

    Daisies xxx

  • How beautiful, thank you francesca x

  • I've been under a black cloud for some time now but you're beautiful verse has lifted my heart and reminded me that the only way now is up. Thank you so much. Ann xx

  • its a cliche I know but look whats around NOW its not easy but it is there,it is around us,clouds are as black as we allow them to be,stay positive,hugs x

  • Beautiful poem. xo

  • Lovely x

  • After just losing my dad and things not going well this lovely poem made me smile and realise things do change and even tears can cleanse and brighten the wasy. Thankyou

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Beautiful words Shaun.

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