My Ovacome


Well ladies went away for a long weekend with the husband to Eastbourne lovely weather and walks along the sea front as sorted my head out from the dark place the other week over my aunts bad news . Review on the 29th and as my aunt said hopefully be good news as about time we had a change of luck

Thanks for all the kind words when I needed them and now the fight goes on x

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So glad you managed a break away and were able to spend some quality time with your hubby. Even better that you can now start to get your head in gear to continue the battle.

Good luck with your imminent review, will keep everything crossed for you. Xx


So pleased to hear you're feeling revitalised. Best of luck on the 29th, Kerry xx


Thanks for letting us know how you are. It's always worrying knowing one of us is down. I'm so glad you had a great weekend away by the sea. Sounds brilliant to me. xxx Good luck with the results. xx Annie


Hi, glad you had a lovely break away by the sea with your hubby. I think fresh sea air always does me the world of good, helps to blow the cobwebs away. Glad your feeling stronger to continue with your treatment. Ann xo


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