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a bit of good newas

I can't see the title I've typed in so I hope it shows on the message !

I saw the oncologist yesterday and my CA125 has only gone up into the 120s so I don't need to have scans or chemo again yet. Why I thought I'd post is that he (it was the registrar) was really good at giving me options and letting (making) me decide. He said he'd send me for a scan if I wanted or I could wait and see. I went for the latter. I asked, as I did last time, when I saw the consultant, if I could have an extra blood request form so I could have my CA125 checked between appointments. They've agreed to this. When I had the first recurrence my CA125 went up slowly and then took off and rose rapidly so this way I can reassure myself it's not doing that but if it does start to increase faster I can phone them to get an earlier appointment.

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That is a bit of "Good News" Well done you. I did notice the last time I went for my check up that they seem to be offering the same as you, asking me what I wanted and just to ask if I also wanted a scan. Time to get out there and start enjoying yourself again, A bit of retail therapy is a good excuse lol. Wishing you well. Love Trish xx

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Hi there well it was not all bad news, so its wait and see. I agree a lot of oncs adapt this approach. So take time out and try to take little trips and enjoy being chemo free at the moment.


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