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Looking for a bit of support

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Hi there, Ive just joined.

Ok here goes.

Im 55 postmeno and had lower abdomen problems for some time, eg bloating etc.

Doc kept saying IBS.

Went for a scan last monday and by wed the hospital were on the phone to me saying I needed to be seen pretty quick , app is for 11th august.

So questions are, can postmeno women have non cancerous ovary problems?

And would I have been seen earlier if they were really concerned?

I cant eat now, probably more due to stress than any condition, any idea's what to try to get appetite back?

Thankyou, from a very worried Pam.

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Hi Pam!

It is a very worrying time when you're thinking "is it?/Isn't it?" It may not be cancer, there's a lot of other things that could be going on. Try to think on the bright side, even though you're probably preparing yourself for the "what if" diagnosis.

Have you tried the Ovacome BEATonline symptom tracker? It may be worth doing, even though you only have to wait till Wednesday (yes, I know that will seem like ages to you, but ...) The feeling of loss of appetite could be OC but may well be anxiety, which is quite natural at this time. Don't worry too much, just eat healthy stuff when you feel like it, a glass of wine may help too ;-)

Have you had a blood test? There's a test called CA125 that can give the medics a bit more info, but even then, it's not conclusive, just helps to fill in the picture for the medical team. You can get a form for this from your GP or gynae oncology nurse specialist at the hospital, and some hospitals do blood tests through the weekend.

If you do get a cancer diagnosis, can you take someone with you who will help you to remember what they are telling you? It is a shock, even when you're mentally preparing for it.

However, it's not all bad. The treatment today is better than ever, the support you get on this website is superb and it sounds as if you will have an early diagnosis, which is very good.

I'm here to tell the tale after nearly 9 years, three before that were the GP fobbing me off with loads of reasons why I felt like I did. He was so wrong! Once I was diagnosed it felt like I was on a conveyor belt, people looking after me quickly and efficiently. There was no sense of panic once I was in hospital and after I had my op. I got over the op quickly and have been getting better ever since.

However, that's me, and you're worried now. Have a look at some of the stories on here, it should reassure you. There are plenty of false fears. I hope it's like that for you.

However, if it is cancer, there is so much support out there.

Feel free to ask any more questions or just to scream out HELP!

Good luck on Wednesday, let us know how you get on

Love Wendy xx

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k9love in reply to wendydee

Thankyou so much for replying Wendy.

I have had blood tests and the CA125 which the doctor said all were in normal range, thats why I wasnt so worried till I had the vaginal scan!

I will look at the symptom thing if I can find it lol.

Thanks again

Pam x

That sounds very positive, the trans-v scan may have picked up a cyst or polyp. The tracker is there if you just google "ovacome online BEAT tracker". I think it's the second one down.

Good Luck

Wendy xx

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k9love in reply to wendydee

Would a cyst or polyp cause so many symptoms tho?

I really am bloated have been for a while now, but my bloating seems to not be as bad when I wake in the morning?



Hi Pam, Not so sure about that one, sorry! Maybe someone else on here will know something. If you want to know more, the Macmillan site may help, there's an ovarian cancer thread on there where there is a Q & A bit. Try not to worry too much, I know it's too much to ask, but try some diversion tactics, reading, music, meditation, whatever floats your boat! Take care, love Wendy xx

Hi, just to say that my sister-in-law (post-meno) had a benign cyst of 13 cm. a few months ago. She had no idea it was there. She recovered v quickly, didn't drive for awhile and perfectly OK now.

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k9love in reply to mayy

Hi mayy

Thanks for repying.

Can I ask what symptoms your sister in law had?

How did she find out about it?



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mayy in reply to k9love

Pam, she lives in Oz. I believe she had backache for awhile and decided to go for a MRI.


I had an ovarian cyst in the late '80s and I looked about 6 months pregnant by the time they took it out........definitely bloated! I had it out and have been fine ever since then until this January with my diagnosis of OC. So, you may not have OC at all and it is reassuring about your CA125 levels although as Wendy says, it is not the only test.

Try to stay positive and wait for the results of the other tests. It sounds as though the medics are moving quickly for you.

Take care.


Hi Pam

So sorry to hear that you are going through all of this, how terrible for you.

I had a borderline tumour removed in January 2010 , I had a fat tummy which I put down to middle aged spread ( despite being a size 8 ..how datf !!) . I woke up at 3 a.m. covered in sweat and with a terrible pain in my side. My hubby took me to A and E .

I also know a lady who was well past the menopause and her cyst was completely benign.To get your appetite back , a glass of wine will help. Also try to get out and go for a walk or a swim if you can. Treats , a bit of shopping all halp alot.

Do take care and let us know how it goes.

Sending you a big cyberhug Pam

Charlie xxxx

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k9love in reply to charlie12

Hi, Charlie.

Thanks for replying.

The wine sounds like a good idea but I dont really feel like drinking at all!and thats not like me!

Its the eating thats worrying me.

Today I had 1 piece of toast and 1 chip sandwich, then promptly felt sick.

I do have acid reflux and am wondering if its that thats making me feel so bloated and feeling sick?



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