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Could sleep for england

Hi everyone this is my 1st post for long time,I am just wondering if anyone has had feeling of wanting sleep all the time,3 weeks ago my onc doctor told me there was no sign of cancer any where after diagnosed c3 advanced oc last January I am still on avastin but only every 6 weeks because of the pain it was giving me in my joints so they have decide to spread it out over a longer period,anyway I will cut to the chase,I was over the moon had a couple of every large classes of wine and laided back and made list of all the things I am going to do while am in the clear,but in reality all I have done is sleep it's almost like my brain just taken a si of relief and thought it would catch on all the sleepless nights I've had.has anyone else had this,

love and all the best to us all yvonne xx

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Hi am glad I wasent alone in the sleep scenario I was the same had my three monthly review no evidence of disease but was constantly sleeping went on for weeks was convinced they had missed something in bloods etc

But can safely say after weeks of feeling like cxxxp have had bit more energy and managed not having to sleep during day

Hope the same applies to you and will feel better soon

Don't know if just relief after everything or body just trying recoup energy after it all .i recall thinking what's point of ned and no treatment if still feeling so exhausted not up to doing anything

But onwards and upwards now hope you will be the same too very soon x


Good morning,

I am on Avastin too, and this does make you slightly tired as you will know. Ai too have joint pain and stiffness, but my onc thinks it's more to do with lake of hormones since TAH, rather than Avastin, so I was interested to see your oncs response.

I can't say why you are sleeping for England but I would go along the lines that your body has been held in suspense for such a long time ( without you really knowing it ) almost a stress like response ( even if you didn't feel the classic stress symptoms at the time) and now like you say it's just breathing it's sigh if relief as it starts to let go of some of the worry you've had.

Fantastic news for you though, we were diagnosed around the same time, similar grades etc.......I've still got a shady 2.5cm area being stubborn!

Dawn xx


Thank you I can now sleep safe in the knowledge that others are sleeping with me.

lol x


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