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Living Well Courses - Penny Brohn

Living Well Courses - Penny Brohn

Hello all

There are two Penny Brohn Residential Living Well courses coming up at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre, Bristol.

One on;

Tuesday 17 - Thursday 19 March which is for women who are newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer, going through their first line treatment or who have recently finished treatment;

and another

Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30th April which is for women who are experiencing recurrence

Both of these courses are entirely free and you can also request financial assistance for travelling costs. If you're interested please email:, or ring: 0207 923 5470 and ask for a booking form.

I know quite a few women who've been on these courses and they have had a really good experience learning how to live well with ovarian cancer. I went on a course last year and can't speak too highly of them.

The photo is the garden at the centre. All their food is home cooked and much is home grown in the gardens.

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It looks idyllic! Thanks for sharing this info, Gxxx


Idyllic is the very word Gina. xxx


Hi Annie, yes, I'd read about the one in April and am interested in that. My problem is I don't know what's happening with me yet. Next scan is on 5 March. I am going to Spain from 12 to 17th and hope that an appointment doesn't come in for me that quickly. I think I'll contact the CNS to let her know I will be away then. I'm dearly hoping they will say I can be left for another 3 months as my eldest daughter's baby is due at end of May and I want to be fit enough to lend a hand. Her little boy will be 3 in April so I'd like to be able to get him out to the park etc for her. I so don't want to be going through chemo at that time! I also don't want to book a place and then have to pull out if I have to go through treatment. Are you going to the one for recurrence? Ann xo


I'm tempted to book if you're there. You can still go if you're on treatment. You'd be safer there than home as they have a nurse on call 24/7 and if you're tired you don't have to attend every session.

Just had an oncy appointmemt and My hospital holiday has been extended by 3 more months so not going back till May unless I gave pain and would need to start third line before then.

Holidays and babies sound good to me. xxxlove Annie


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