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Hi Everybody, I was just wondering why I couldnt see posts on my hot mail account and have come on her to check. I do notice that people are now responding as normal so perhaps there is a glitch in the system of posting the posts. I hope all of you are as well as can be. I am doing ok, my last check up was stable and the markers staying down. My sinuses are playing up big time though and on more antibiotics, my latest flare was twenty four hours after Avastin and my gp has prescribed more antibiotics. He says it could be Avastin plus low immune system. But can live with this. Hoping to see more posts and what ever is happening to the page will be corrected Best wishes to all

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Hi Suzuki .. Not as many people post on this board. I think that's true to say. There are other more discrete boards but I can't say the conversation is any more scintillating there. I find most modern media inadequate when it comes to conveying anything other than the basics and the lack of depth as a medium has made me very down at times in the past.

I stopped posting here for a while for a number of reasons. The main one was the bringing up of very old posts as 'read next' which now seems to have stopped.

When I read some old threads, I find it quite sad that there has been a tailing off.


I noticed I wasn't getting email notification of posts. I find the little bell icon in the green bar really useful to see the new posts and catch up with what's trending. I agree with Sue that there's so much you can say on a public forum but I use this one in preference to any others as I like the layout and feel of it. I find it quite easy to navigate compared to some other sites.

I hope your sinuses clear up soon. I'm currently reviewing a cook book for Macmillan which gives some really delicious recipes and tips for maintaining good health during chemo. I'm going to try out a few of their recommended superfoods and give myself a talking to about taking a bit more exercise every day!



Hi Annie, none of the posts are coming up on the Ovacare website either, dont know what is wrong, That review sounds interesting and I hope you pick up some tips that suit you. I am also being bold as regards exercise as just didnt feel like going out in the cold too much. Just about finished the antibiotics again. I should get better at shunning the sweets and chocolate but its hard and you have to have a life too, My ent deot sent me for a different set of bloods to see if there is some inflamation causing all of this and I have drops a spray and nasal cream, I have been googling of course, I hope you are doing okay well as good as you can be.


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