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Hi ladies. Went for my oncs appointment yesterday. Still have feet swollen and buttocks pain after radiotherapy. Not sure if it is progression af disease but had my ca125 taken and he suggested trying tamoxifen 40mg once a day then back in 6 weeks for check and 6 weeks after before any ct scans as I had 2 lots of high dose radiotherapy, October and December. Anyone tried this? Trial showed better tban expected results so willing to give it a try. Baby Alexander due any time now and am so excited. Love Carole x

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Hi Carole

Sorry I can't really comment on the treatment you're having as it differs so much from mine. Just want to send you good luck wishes that you lose the swelling soon and are more comfy. Hope the Tamoxifen works How lovely to be expecting a baby grandson. I adore being a Gran to my ten. Have fun!!

Love, Solange. :-)


Thank. Grandkids are special arent they? Soon as im able ie more mobile, I will be up to Durham.Take care, Carole xx


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