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Hi everyone, Im new to this site. Just wondering if anyone's gad slightly raised ca125 levels and its not been cancer. aim 31 no children. Recently period's gave become longer, heavier and iv been spotting 7 to 10 days after period finishes. Iv often get sharp pains and twinges in my stomach. .and sometimes feels like my ovaries are tingling. .im sometimes feelvj cant get my breath like cant get enough air in my lungs but not sure if this is anxiety. Anyone had these symptoms and it turned out not to ve cancer..p.s my spotting lasts 3 to 5 days..usually 3 and then mo more for rest of month. . x

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  • P.s apologise for the typos..its my silly phone..

  • Hello Rachrac

    Mine did turn out to be Ovarian cancer but my Ca125 level was 1700. From what I was told if they are only slightly raised it could be caused by a number of things, what was your level? The problem with your lungs could well be anxiety. Have you been referred to see a Consultant?

    Love & hugs

    Sue xx

  • Hi Sue, thanks for your response. Yeah I gad an ecg and chest xray but thankfully nothing was found so Dr said probably anxiety. .I am very stressed with work and lots of things at the min so it maybe anxiety. Dr didn't say what my levels were she said they were slightly above the boarder line for normal..I have an ultra sound booked for Wednesday and im so nervous. Im so sorry about your results. .I hope you make a full recovery xx

  • Thank you so much, I had my first check up today and everything appears to be ok, just got to have a blood test to check my levels again. I'm pleased your ecg and xray were clear, that's good news. I would think that as your levels are only slightly raised it is much more likely to be something other than cancer. Good luck for Wednesday, let us know how you get on, will be thinking about you. xx

  • Thats brilliant news. So glad to hear your doing well. Thank you for the support. I will keep you updated xxx

  • My Ca125 was 130. I had a huge tumour that turned out to be 'Borderline', i.e. not OC. (See the Ovacome information sheet for explanation.)

    The GynaeOnc who did my surgery said it was 'normal' for me. The tumour was rubbing against other organs which caused the rise in Ca125. I was also a bit breathless, but I'm much older than you and put it down to age. This disappeared after surgery and was caused by the tumour taking up so much room in my abdomen. I didn't have any other symptoms, like pain or twinges, but I'm post-menopausal. Had forgotten all about my ovaries, thought they'd shrivelled to nothing.

    Borderline is much more common at your age. Have you had any scans? Tho' surgery is really the only way to tell the difference.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi thanks for your reply. Iv got anbultra sound tomorrow. Hopefully that will tell me more. Im just really worried. .as my ca125 were only just above normal im hoping it's nothing sinister. I did have a water infection a few days prior to the blood test do wondering if that has contributed to the levels. Im sorry to hear about your results.did you have to have chemo or anything x

  • At my age, it was much more likely to be OC, so, for me, it was a brilliant result. No chemo because not cancer, just abnormal cells, cured by surgery. Extremely unlikely to cause any further problems. Other hospitals might have discharged me, but mine does regular scans for a bit to make sure.

    I've been thinking about your problem. Almost everyone on this site will have had OC, whatever their levels. So you might do better to post on e.g. an endometriosis site, because that causes a rise in Ca125 and fits in better with your symptoms. I think you've got a v good GP and the scan is just to rule out any ovarian involvement.

  • Yeah maybe your right that's a good idea..I will try it. Brilliant news about yours..very lucky I bet you were so relieved. I think I just worry so muc as iv suffered abnormal cells found from smears which eventually became normal again and iv got that hpv virus too.. thanks so much for your support x

  • Sorry - hadn't seen your reply to the other Sue. Try not to worry too much - silly thing to say, I know. But you may not even have a cyst. The breathlessness may very well be caused by stress. I think I read somewhere that only 5% of cysts are malignant, so even if you do have one that is causing a rise in your levels, it may not be what you fear. Try not to get ahead of yourself.

    Good luck for the scan!


  • Thinking of you m x

  • Thank you Marie xxxx

  • I had a lot or your symptoms. I was 50 at the time, so the spotting periods or going few months without was written off to menopause. My gp said she could do a test to see if going into menopause. She didn't say it could be anything else. I had sharp chest pains few months earlier, but they could never find anything. I finally developed difficulty breathing & had rapid weight gain. I had 900 cc's of fluid around my heart. They found cancer cells in the fluid. I was diagnosed 2/7/14, stage IV. I went thru 7 rounds of chemo & hysterectomy. My last chemo was 7/11/14. I am now on 3 month check ups.


  • Hi Patty, thanks for your reply. Im sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I had an ecg and chest xray but said everything looked normal. Im hoping that if there was fluid around my heart or something going on it would have been spotted. I hope so anyway but you never know. My Dr thinks its anxiety related due to stress. .iv been dealing with my Dad going through cancer and alot of stress from work. I hope that's all it is. Was your fluid spotted on an xray? If you dont mind me asking what type of bleeding did you get? I get some spotting about a week after my period ends for about 3 days but nothing more. Thank you for your response and I hope you continue to make a full recovery x

  • P.s iv had no weight gain..and dont miss any periods but they have become heavier and more painful x

  • I had had a chest x ray the first time, but nothing abnormal. My liver enzymes were a bit elevated. My gp did a follow up test & levels were normal. My bleeding could be extremely heavy & last for about 2 weeks. I then wouldn't get it for a few months. Then It would come again & be normal, but I would have spotting for week or two after. I hadn't gained any weight until 2-3 days before diagnosis. The clinic I went to thought I had an enlarged heart & sent me to emergency room. I had another chest x ray & an ultra sound of my heart. Had surgery following day to drain fluids. The skin sample they took from my heart sac came back normal, no cancer. But the fluid was filled w/cancer cells. I had a ct scan followed by a pelvic ultrasound. I had 3 golf ball size tumors.

  • Thanks again for your response. Hopefully il know more tomorrow after my ultra sound x

  • Hi everyone, had my ultra sound today. Did not tell me anything just said the results will be sent to Dr and il hear within 5 days. However he was really concentrating on my left side and asked if id ever had any operations so I am guessing hes noticed something on my left side. x

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