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Lots of burping!!

Lots of burping going on here should I be worried? Not on any treatment and in remission since February. CAc125 last tested 2 weeks ago registered 6 not due to see oncologist until January. Should be off on holiday next week but a little panic setting on. Not seen our grandchildren abroad for 18 months so don't want to miss this trip.



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Hi Mopsie. It might be anxiety causing you to burp as you desperately want to see your family. I understand that totally. I presume you have ruled out eating something that might have triggered it. I was burping a lot last night, this has happened on occasions when I eat Garlic Bread :( I love it too lol. Re your CA125, is this an indicator for you ie., was it raised when you were diagnosed? If so, 6 is well within normal range, that being between 0 and 35.

Enjoy your holiday and time with your family. Try not to worry. Ann xo



I think. Banana might have been the culprit this time. I have had a lot of heartburn and pain lower down so went to see my GP as I have seen him before with heartburn symptoms. He has given me Lansoprazole which has helped in the past and seems to be helping now. having a restful weekend. I am going to ask the hospital for a scan for when we come back from our trip to see the grandchildren in Israel as I have not had one since February just to set my mind a rest. My CA 125 was 11000 when I started my treatment last year so a reading of 6 now was very good for me but these pains are a concern.

Anyway I am trying not to let my mind get out of control!!

Thanks for your reply

Maureen x x


Hi Maureen. H lad your GP has given you something to help. Bananas are quite difficult to digest so you could well be right there. Have a lovely trip tyo Israel to see your family. A nn xo


Agree with Ann - get off and enjoy your holiday and seeing your Grandchildren. 6 is a good number but I do understand how hard it is not to pick up on every little 'symptom' and panic. As we are always being told, we have to get on with life while we can.

I started 2nd line treatment yesterday and was happy to be told I could have a glass of wine tonight when I visit the preview of Chatsworth House christmas decorations because 'I have to live my life'!!! I'm also off to Ireland for Christmas whilst still having chemo, treatment fits in nicely around travel dates!

Have a great time

Love Annette xxx



Thanks for your message - yes I agree it is hard not to imagine very ache or pain is a return of the illness. I saw my GP who thinks too much stomach acid may be the problem and this is something I have had before as I had awful heartburn. He has given me some Lansoprazole which is helping and I am having a restful weekend before we go off to Israel to see family. I am going to ask for a scan for when we get back to see if there is a reason for the pains lower down which could be a result if the acid going through my system.

Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine and keep well as best you can during your treatment. Enjoy Christmas in Ireland our daughter is coming to us from Australia a bit of a climate chage for them!

Love Maureen x x


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