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Which trial? Help Olabrip

Hi I am 60 years old I have BRACA 2 gene and my cancer has returned for the third time and it is back in my lymph nodes. I have been offered two trials one for Olabrip and one for Ruccarib. Has anyone had any experience or knowledge of these. I cannot find any data or results to see which is most successful. Any help would be appreciated.


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Yes can you help me do that please?


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Dear Hayley

I'm not too bothered about the privacy settings on your post as I'm not going to share any personal details. You may well get more answers if you click on 'edit', then scroll to the bottom of the screen and change the settings 'Who can see this Post?', 'Community' or 'Everyone'. Select 'Community'. Unfortunately the default setting for all blogs on this site is that everyone in the world can read them and all the comments posted underneath so it puts some of us off joining in the discussion. If you're having difficulty I'd be happy to speak on the phone and talk you through it.

I'm in exactly the same situation as you and nearly the same age though I'm BRCA negative. It has been proposed I join the Ariel2 trial at the Royal Marsden which looks into Rucaparib. You can get a lot of information about trials from the Target Ovarian Cancer website from their Clinical Trials Information Centre. Go to clinicaltrials.targetovaria... and you can search for information there. Within that information I found a URL to the Ariel website which provides a wealth of information:

As I understand the situation these are experimental trials which are analysing tumour tissues and tracking how well women do with the treatment to see if they can predict in advance which drug will suit a particular patient/tumour so it's exciting new research but I'm pretty sure nobody will be able to tell you in advance of the trial whether Rucaparib or Olaraparib would suit you better. The trial hopes to find that out.

If you go ahead with the trial and it works out for me it would be a great support to keep in touch with one another to compare notes.

Wishing you luck with your decision-making.

xx Annie


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