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Pain after surgery

It is now nine weeks after my debaulking surgery, and I still have extreme pain at the top of my wound just about where the omentum was removed. Am unable to lay flat in bed and have to sleep with my knees up. Mentioned this to the consultant last week , his was quite dismissive and said it was normal.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it get better?

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Hi, Jackie.

I felt pain just few weeks after my surgery and never had to sleep bended on my bed... In 11 days was walking straight and had no problems to climb the litter for the first appointment after surgery.

I think you may insist with your surgeon you're very uncomfortable, so they can prescribe you something.

Hugs, Fernanda


Hi Jackie

I'm 3 months post op and as I recall the kind of pain you described went away after the first couple of weeks for me. Recently I felt a bit of tender soreness around my scar but nothing like what you described. Please do speak to your doctor again and ask him/her to give you proper help. Good luck and hope it goes away soon!



Poor thing ...what an insensitive doctor...extreme pain this long afterwards does not seem right. Get it checked out.


I remember having pain following my surgery which lasted for a few months, upper right abdominal pain. It was much worse when I sneezed! I couldn't lie on my side foir quite some time and ended up on my back, not naturally a back sleeper though. Thankfully that did eventually go away. Hang on in there, I am sure it will settle. The surgery you have had is classed as majoir and it will take time for your body to get over this assault. Ann xo


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