A tablet that might help someone with gas

Hi, after my experience of blockage/ twist what ever it was by my hernia back in March. No one seems to be able to give me a proper answer. I was left with bad pain in the left neck after eating, some pain in the bowel area, pins and needles down my left arm when I move. I had a ct scan just after, all clear apart from a insy swollen nodule in the abdomen, size of a very small mole. Probably a new growth on its way. Also had a barium x ray of the bowel , all clear. CA 125 was 138 in April. To cope with all the side effects I tried herbs, charcoal , diets changes etc and then found this tablet which has been a life saver. It is called Dida, made in Denmark, from Holland and Barrett, just under £22 for 90 tablets , months supply, they then say to reduce the dose to two a day. Its cinnamon based and full of all natural things. It works by stopping the food fermenting and making the gas, it also helps maintain the digestive tract. I am not on chemo but you would need to check if you are, I have found it so good I thought it might help someone. Me - not having a op for the hernia unless it happens again, all the side effects gradually going, its taken months. Decided at my checkup not to have a blood test as it may not be a true reading, main thing is I feel reasonably well, I can always get one done at the Drs. At the moment I am trying the Ladycare magnet to see if it improves my hot flushes,burning feet , and sleep which I assume is from the chemo last year, or stress as my husband is having chemo for advanced bowel cancer. Best wishes to you all. Trix

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  • Dear Trix

    Thank you for sharing such a useful tip. I am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better at the moment and hope that the magnet does the trick for you.

    Sending love and virtual hugs to you and your husband.

    Millie xx

  • Hi Millie, thanks for your kind wishes to us. We are ploughing on, doing quite well in spite of our cancers. The magnet, too early to say as it's only been a week but things have improved, could be coincidence, we will see. Best wishes you, Trix

  • Thanks for that info. Sounds pretty unpleasant for you and it must be really hard with your husband having cancer too. I hope you get some good times over the summer

    Love Francesca x

  • Hi Francesca, thanks for your reply, yes its been a tough few years and is getting worse but we try to make the most of every day and are enjoying the sun. Best wishes, Trix

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