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Im three years fighting my cancer

My last scan was clear and im on avastin treatment only every 21 days

I have been diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer 20-6-2011

I had recurrence after 12 months from last chemeoterapy.

Again treatments and my metastase on my omentum operated and again treatment after my second surgery on 20-6-2013

Now im on avastin treatment and my last ctscan wad also clear.

I do not know how much my cancer responds to avastin and what is next to expect.

Is there any new treatment for recurrent clear cell ovarian cancer?

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Hi. I'm sorry I can't help you with clear cell, I have high grade serous. You've done well thus far and I hope you continue to kick its ass Ann xo


Hi I have clear cell can and am waiting to go into hospital on Mon to remove the 3rd recurrence via op.i am looking for new trials as this is my 3rd op in 6 years. My onc told me that the best treatment was surgical at the moment, although I have been lucky as it has always come back in 1 spot which could be operated on. I had avastin as part of the icon 7 trial in 2009 and maybe that's why it's only recurred in single areas - who knows. Good luck with your treatment.



Hi i am a clear cell girl too diagnosed January 2013 ( had surgery then) with a recurrence at christmas that year. I dont know of any chemo treatments that are better than others for clear cell so I hope Avastin really does the business for you - my onc also said surgery is the best option with clear cell where possible but i have just had follow up radiotherapy fir 5 weeks after having surgery in April. Very best if luck for your trearment, hope it goesreally well xx


Hello. While it might seem odd to say, it is lovely to hear from you, as I also have recurrent clear cell OC. My recurrence came back 18months after completing initial chemo - a shock to the system. Did not have surgery 2nd time round, as the sites were numerous in my abdominal cavity and also on liver & spleen. Just chemo with Avastin added. Radiotherapy was also not suitable due to the nubmer of sites. 18 months later I am still here & on a 3 weekly cycle of Avastin. It has kept the tumours small following initial shrinkage and no sign of any new sites. So my Oncol is extremely pleased and we do discuss treatment options (if any) on a regular basis. The medical opinion in my case is that while Avastin is working & not having too hard an effect on my lifestyle, I am to stay on it. From what we have discussed and reading up on the options - most other treatments are considered more suitable for carbo resistant cancer , i.e. those whose recurrence happens within 6 months of comcpletion of chemo treatment.

If you do hear of any new treatments being offered in UK, you might post details.

Hope you are well otherwise and that you continue to survive. Thanks to the other ladies who posted also.



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