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So Confused


Hi I went back to the consultant on Wednesday,and was told my Ca125 has raised again to 162, my right ovary is distorted and big with cyst on and endometriosis, that's why I'm in pain, bloated feeling sick and tired more, Fallopian tube is blocked on the right, my left ovary now has a cyst on and endo, my mass was endo, he told me there is always a chance it can change to cancer, but because I have no cancer he has discharged me and I need to go back to my dr's to be referred to another consultant that's not oncology, don't get me wrong I'm so happy it wasn't bad news, but I now feel like a ticking time bomb, and I'm still in so much pain, I just feel so confused and still worried has any one else had this? Thanks

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It is good news that it isn't cancer but that doesn't make your pain etc feel any better. I hope that your GP can get you seen by the appropriate consultant and that you can be dealt with quickly.

Love and best wishes,

Zannah x

Hi Stanally

I am sorry that you have this on-going worry. I hope you get to see a gynaecologist very soon. I had endometriosis, though I knew nothing about it until after I'd had surgery! Do be persistent and pushy to get an appointment as soon as possible and don't understate your symptoms when talking to your GP.

Sending you my very best wishes,

Love, Millie xx


Just sending you my best wishes that things will be sorted soon love x G x

Very sorry to read that you are in pain. I know that if I am in pain it takes a lot more to keep going amd keep on top of what I need to do. Make sure you get your referrerel to a consultant and do not understate your symptoms to your GP. Often I used to talk my symptoms away or forget them in a consultation but I keep a diary now and this really helps when I go to see my GP or consultant.

I am sure you will feel much better when you get to see the correct consulatant and hopefully they will be able to bring your situation under control.

Did your oncologist say which type of consultant that you need to see? I would assume Gynae consultant. Sometimes you can do some research into the consultants by going on hospital web sites and then see their speciliasims.

Thinking of you Love Wendy x

Hi. Sorry you are in so much pain. At least you now know that it is not cancer. See your GP asap and get referral, as you can't go on putting up with this. I wonder why the consultant didn't just make a tertiary referral himself.


In many places, hospital doctors are not allowed to refer to each other unless it's specifically for cancer treatment. The contracts that the hospitals hold will not allow for payment for internal referrals.

Yes, it's crap. Yes, it's political.

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