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Just had letter from hospital saying my ca125 is 48? I did not even know I'd had this test.

Ive got 7cm cyst on right ovary but pain on left, endomeTriosis and pcos and have to have some of bowel taken away because of a kink. I've had painful heavy periods since 14? So should I worry about the ca125 test?

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Hi! Welcome to our site. A CA125 is just one test in a whole battery of tests for diagnosis of OC. A result of 48 isn't too bad but it may trigger further investigations. On the other hand, it can be upped by an infection, a rise in hormones or several other things. Have a look at the Ovacome website and have a look at the Factsheets (under 'resources' on the left) there is one on diagnosis and I think it mentions CA125 tests. Many of us had CA125s in the hundreds or even thousands before our operations to remove ovarian cancers. The Ovacome site will also give you an idea of if you need more investigations...look under the BEAT ovarian cancer section. You can log symptoms and print them out if you think you need to, to take along to the doctor. Hope this helps. Good luck

Love Wendy xx


It's odd to me that you should get a letter like this? I don't know why a doctor would baffle you with science .. But Wendy is right.. she is very wise xx


hello. I know it has been advised to you that an elevated ca125 reading can be caused by a number of things - & agree that your doctor should have told you what the test was (by the way, it is a blood test). Sorry to read about your bowel surgery and I am sure you don't want more bad news. So, discuss your concerns with your GP and ask if a scan is required. Not all cysts are cancerous - and your GP will tell you that also. But if pain persists ask for further tests. Take care, Daisies


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