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Remembering our Lovely Babs (DoreenHarwood)

Remembering our Lovely Babs (DoreenHarwood)

Tony has asked if I'd post up a warm invitation to anyone in the area to join him and Bab's family for a drink on Monday 30 December 2013 from 6:00 p.m.

They will be in Bab's restaurant:

The Green Man,

Main Road

Longfield Hill

Lonfield, Kent, DA3 7AS


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I will be there in spirit remembering lovely Babs. My thoughts will be with you all on this evening especially xx


If I can't get to Kent I shall be there in spirit too. Just scratching my head wondering whether it's possible as I'd really love to go. xxx Annie


I think that is so lovely of her family , I will be thinking of her at that time. Dy x


Couldn't believe I'd come home to such heartbreaking news !!

What a nice idea - wish I could be there. Will be thinking of Babs, Tony and all her family who meant so much to her

With my heartfelt sympathy,



Wish I could be there, so so sad,, thoughts are with Tony and family


What a lovely picture, and how thoughtful of the family to I ask us.

Unfortunately I will be unable to go. But she will be in my mind that day.


My thoughts go out to Bab's and her family at such a sad time. x


I will be trying to get there, not sure about plans that day as I have my aged parents with me over the holidays. Thanks to Tony and family for the invitation. Babs was a truly generous-spirited lady and I'd love to pay my respects.

Love Wendy xx


I saw that lovely picture of Babs and her grandchildren and I felt a big lump in my throat. It was a privileged to have known her I shall raise a glass in her memory at 6 pm on Monday


So sad to hear this news. Babs was a wonderful lady so positive and upbeat . Deepest sympathy to all her family in my thoughts and prayers


Ally xx


Such a lovely photo of Babs. I'll be there in spirit too.

Love Mary xx


Rob and I hope to be there and can pass on your messages- such a shock to lose such a lovely vibrant person: I'll never forget our trip back to Charing Cross after the Ovacome Day.


Anne, I'm so delighted you can make it. I'm feeling pretty poorly at the moment and not sure whether I can make it as it's a non-treatment week so I'll be in Cardiff rather than London. If I can I'll be there .... and would be lovely to see you again and remember happy days! xxx


Hi Annie, Sorry to hear you are feeling

poorly and hope you will be feeling much

better for Christmas Day.

Sending you my best wishes for the rest

of your chemo, hopefully you don't have

too many to get through.

Happy Christmas

Angie xx


Wish I could but not possible. What a lovely invitation though, and I'm so glad Anne can make it. Will think of Babs that day ... Though she's not been far from my thoughts this past couple of weeks anyway :-(



I have sent a card to Tony now. I'm presuming Babs' funeral is before this day- you don't happen to know, do you? I don't like to ring her mobile and I'm not sure whether her home number is correct.

How are you? I had the all clear on my last scan but I'm sure my thyroid is playing up as I've been so tired, but it could be all the racing around we have been doing in the last two months. My daughter had major surgery and she recuperated with us, then we had to stay near to where she lived to help with the baby. Having just got over that, we had to go to Scotland as Rob's last remaining Aunt had died- it's quite a journey by car though we did stop on the way up: coming back we drove from Edinburgh to Bexhill in a day!

Now Xmass seems to be upon us and we're not exactly ready!


Anne xx


I've only just read this - so now you'll understand why I might have looked a little perplexed when you told me your news at Babs' do.

I hope you got back home safely afterwards. We were shattered and lost our way to Swanley - nearly ended up on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge! Just finding the hotel once we were in Swanley was a bit of a nightmare but we managed a quick bite to eat before dropping into bed.

I'm going to post up the poem they handed out. I thought it was lovely and hadn't read it before. It was lovely to see you and I hope you make it to Cardiff.

xxx love Annie


I have only just seen this post and am feeling very saddened by the news about Babs.

My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.

Love, Amanda


I'm posting up a poem that was circulated at Bab's do.

The poem is about friends and that's what we are all here so I thought you'd like to read it. The text should be centred.

It was beautiful

as long as it lasted

the journey of my life.

I have no regrets

whatsoever save

the pain I’ll leave behind.

Those dear hearts

who love and care

and the heavy with sleep

ever moist eyes.

The smile, in spite of a

lump in the throat

and the strings pulling

at the heart and soul.

The strong arms

that held me up

when my own strength

let me down.

Each morsel that I was

fed with was full of love divine.

At every turning of my life

I came across

good friends.

Friends who stood by me

even when the time raced by.

Farewell, farewell

my friends.

I smile and bid you goodbye.

No, shed no tears,

for them I need not.

All I need is your smile.

If you feel sad

think of me

for that’s what I’d like.

When you live in the hearts

of those you love,

remember then …

You never die.

Rabindranath Tagore


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