Me (and my husband) running the Coniston 15k challenge trail race at the weekend!!!

Me (and my husband) running the Coniston 15k challenge trail race at the weekend!!!

This included running (and walking;-)) tough climbs, tricky (but fun) descents, beautiful scenery over rocky paths, streams, mud, gravel tracks and grass along with lots of determined people but mostly an overwhelming sense of achievement completing it less than 4 months after finishing first line treatment for stage 3 OC!!! :-) :-) :-)

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  • Fantastic.....well done!!


  • Wow that's impressive! I thought you were quick on your feet running for the train in York. You must be tremendously fit and very determined. A great achievement and may there be many more ahead. I rather think there will. Many congratulations!!!

    love Annie

  • I nearly missed the train Annie, i got there as the doors were closing!!! Lovely to meet you all anyway.x

  • I did wonder. We thought you'd come and join us if you had missed the train and needed a lift home so assumed you were OK. Amazing weekend achievement! xxxx love Annie

  • That's absolutely fantastic- you deserve to feel really proud of yourself.

    Love Anne x

  • Wow, very impressed! xx

  • Lovely photo and congratulations, a fabulous achievement! Sxx

  • Thanks 'S'! It was lovely to meet you in York.x

  • You too 'MB'!!! ;-) xxx

  • What a brilliant achievement!! and a great photo.

    Well done both of you!!!

    Love Mary xx

  • Thanks Mary. It was lovely to meet up with you last week.x

  • brilliant , brilliant, brilliant, so proud of you, you really are inspirational xxx

  • Thanks Jan. YOU are an inspiration my lovely cousin! ;-)

  • Well done, love Paul xx

  • Thankyou everyone!! Its amazing what you can do if you really want to! Supermarket shopping on the other hand is a struggle! ;-)

  • Wooohooo, Mummybear! What a great achievement and a gorgeous photo. Well done to you both. I hope you can keep the feeling of health and fitness going for ages and ages :-) You must feel very proud of yourselves

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy. My husband could have run A LOT faster but the plan was always to stay with me - he'll get plenty of other chances to 'race'!

  • Well done that's a fantastic achievement. I love the photo! It was so good to meet you on Wednesday.

    Big hug xxx

  • Thanks 'Zannah'! Was lovely to meet you too.x

  • What an achievement. Well done. I'm doing the great south run soon and will use you as my role model! Dy xxx

  • Ooh good luck with that!! Flatter but further so a very similar challenge. Enjoy!! Big races like that fill me with dread! Too many people!! There were about 500 in total at Coniston!

  • Well done you, that sounds really tough, and you're still smiling. Keep it up (both the running and smiling!)

    Love Brenda xx

  • Hee hee thanks Brenda.x

  • Wow - what a marvellous achievement. Well done - and to your Husband, too of course. Super photo

    Love Solange

  • Thanks Solange it was a doddle for my husband he's a proper runner and MUCH faster than me so he was there simply to keep me going!. ;-)

  • What an achievement - well done!

    Monique x

  • Wow. Well done you!!!!! Xxxxx

  • Thanks Monique and Chrissy it was great fun!x

  • Wow, that's fantastic ! I walked up the old man of onus ton a fe weeks ago - but no way could I ever run it ! Still have managed 5 mountain tops since started chemo 10 w go. I read very good research paper on exercise prolonging life in cancer patients and took it to heart!! Will try to find it and post it xx

  • Oops - iPad spelling - onus ton means Coniston !

  • That is fantastic, MB! Lovely photo. Well done.

    Eileen xx

  • Ok wow you are an inspiration! Most I can do is do normal day to day stuff,butI am older,no excuse, just a New Years resolution.

    You should be proud of yourselves,wish I were you!


  • Hi Carole. I just thought I should point out this was 3 years ago!! I have recurred twice since then but I am still running albeit only Parkruns (5k)!! xxx

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