Our dinky little caravan

Our dinky little caravan

While we were away John took this picture of the dinky little caravan....yes, that's me peering out the door, looking like a blob! Lets face it, you can get smaller caravans.....but not much! Our daughter has our old backpacking tent (it may be around 17 years old, but it still stood up o the winds in Cornwall last summer better than some of the tents nearby!)

We are thinking where to go for a couple of weekends in September, before it gets a bit cold! Lol


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  • Wow it is a lovely caravan ( I love it ) have a great time in it love x G x 8-)

  • We sleep with our feet in the thin bit, which gives us a super king sized width. Sideways it would be too short for John, I'd be ok though....I'm "only" 5 foot 8! Lol



  • What an amazing little caravan! Not sure it would be quite small enough to go behind my 107 though!


  • Wow what a cute caravan.....have you given 'her' a

    name, she can't be a boy as she is sooo cute.

    Hope you have lots of adventures in the sunshine.

    Angie xx

  • We've not named her, which is unusual as I've named pretty much all my cars....my first was "The Little Rust Heap" or "The Heap" for short, on the grounds that my friends couldn't come up with anything worse....tells you all you need to know about my first car doesn't it! Lol

    Chris xx

  • What a little Darling of a caravan - I've never seen one like it before. Long may you have fun in it.

    Love Solange

  • There aren't many in this country, they are German. Chris

  • Hi Chris - what a cute caravan. I haven't seen anything like it before. If it's German it will be well-built and reliable. It certainly looks aerodynamic so easy to tow. Here's wishing you many more happy holidays in your teardrop travelling home. xxxx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    It certainly seems well built, and is a lot lighter than most, not only to tow, but to manoeuvre! John and I can get it off the drive by ourselves (it is easier when Elizabeth is around to help) so, even with me not being as sprightly as I used to be, we can still use it! Hopefully going away in it in a week, and again at the end of September before putting it to bed for the winter! Another great advantage is its small enough to keep on our drive, which meant John could use it as an office when we were having the bathroom done earlier this year! Lol xxxChris

  • It sounds perfect all-round to me. What a fab idea to have a holiday home in your drive. Saves the hassle of travelling and if it rains you can go back home. lol xxx

  • He did keep coming home for cups of tea.....

  • I love your little caravan Chris. Hope you do manage to get away in September and that the weather is kind.

    Love Mary xx

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