Far too long since... the last silly cat picture

Far too long since... the last silly cat picture

We have all been terribly serious lately. We have had to be as some if us are getting unwell again, others have been on the campaign trail with lots of heightened emotion. But the old Ovacome Forum spirit is always there... So I therefore volunteer my own silly cat to turn our minds to things nicer, fluffier and altogether more comforting, just for a change of pace When they aren't generally making a nuisance of themselves, that is.

Meet Scruffy. A very pedestrian name for a v posh Maine Coon, but well deserved. Her grandfather was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest cat in the world - spot the resemblance??

Sadly, grandpa later disgraced himself at a photoshoot with the smallest cat in the world. You can guess what happened.

Scruffy is a master mouser...

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  • What a gorgeous chap! Would love a cat but my hubby is allergic - I have mentioned daily piriton - he doesn't seem totally against it!!

    I have tried the I have cancer card- so we will see what happens!!


  • Ooh I got my 7th cat that way!! ;-)

  • That's how I got my two poodles! The first to help me to recover from chemo and the second to celebrate a year in remission. I wonder what colour I should get next year. My son has allergies, which is why we got poodles instead of cats. Your cat looks beautiful. I am a great believer in pet therapy.



  • There are cats that people are less allergic too... it might be Cornish or Devon Rex cats if memory serves me right...?

  • That cat's hanging on for dear life. It's an example to us all!

    xxxx love Annie

  • Gorgeous! I so miss my cats, especially Dizzy, who would 'kiss' me on demand (if he wanted food!!) he would nudge my nose with his head, when he saw I was owing towards the cat treats box, I miss him. My other one, Dracula, so named cos he was always biting Dizzy's neck, was far more aloof and often went into our neighbour's house. They loved him! Dizzy used to bring live frogs in from the pond and Drac used to leave the feet of mice on the step for me. At least I can enjoy the bird life in my garden now and the frogs have free reign! Still miss my cats though......... Scruffy is beautiful

    Have a good weekend

    Love Wendy xx

  • Sooooo cute!

    I love cats too, but my husband is allergic too! I'm ok with cats, but allergic to dogs..... Sigh!


  • Beautiful cat!

  • Lovely cat...nice name...love x G x :-)

  • I had a bit of drama with Mia yesterday. She has taken to staying out most of the night and coming home in the early hours where I let her in whilst still half asleep.

    She came home like this Thursday morning but I just let her in without paying attention. I got up a little bit later that morning and she was lay out in the hallway. I've been looking after my mums cat because she is away on holiday. She's a few years older than Mia and doesn't really like her and Mia is a bit afraid of her. So I didn't think anything of it at first as FiFi was in my bedroom.

    I was in the kitchen getting their breakfasts ready Mia appeared at the doorway but she wasn't putting weight on her right front paw and she was walking with a limp. My first thought was that maybe she and FiFi had a fight but after examining her leg I couldn't see any wounds or blood. Fifi was being a bit of a pain by spitting and growling so i had to split them up.

    I got onto the vets straight away and managed to get an emergency appointment for 09:00 I also noticed that she wasn't wearing her collar. I assume she must have got stuck somewhere and lost it maybe falling in the process.

    Anyway I got her to the vets it was a bit confusing trying to remember which leg and if it was my right or her right. Good news nothing was broken it seemed she must have pulled a muscle struggling to get free so I was given some anti-inflammatries to put in her food and advised not to let her out over night again.

    She seems much better today and her limp has gone. She is crying to go out now but I am being strong and ignoring her. Just put some treats in a ball for her to keep her occupied for 5 mins.

  • Awwww xx

  • Hope you don't mind me adding another silly cat photo to your blog Scruffy? My cat Marley suffers from a severe paper obsession!


  • Tessa used to pinch the ball from the kids game Hungry hippos and run off with them .... xxxx

  • Perhaps she wanted to play Hungry Hippos too! :D Marley thinks he's an andrex puppy... or should that be kitten...? LOL

  • What beautiful photos in your Flickr album. Wish I had half your skill. I've just bought myself a new camera and even with a choice of scenes or automatic settings I haven't produced a really stunning pic yet. xx

  • Thanks :) xxx

  • Hi, Just looked at your amazing marley photo's. What a wonderful pussycat.

    I'm into photography and love taking animal photo's too.

    x Angie x

  • Thanks Angelina :) Marley's not really all that keen on being photographed... unless he's being ignored because I'm taking photos of something else! LOL xxx

  • Can we have pictures of all seven please ...cat lover here ...my sister in law has 7 plus dog .....

    Scruffy is a lovley color xxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • I'd love to see the other kitties too :) xxx

  • My daughters family had a conference about pets and decided as nobody was in all day cats would be better. They got one for each of the two girls ( chip and biscuit) .My son in law has since changed his mind and when he gets cross with the cats he is told by the girls that if he doesn't like them he can leave, cos the cats are staying!!!! They are very affectionate to everyone but him!!!!!

  • Animals have a well-developed sixth sense. My husband doesn't much like pets in the house but he was supportive of our taking on my daughter's Welsh Border Collie a couple of years back rather than having him re-homed with strangers.

    Martin used to tell the dog to 'push off' - not in a particularly nasty way. The dog never seemed to settle. I persuaded my husband to try talking to the dog in a more kindly fashion, so tongue-in-cheek Martin would greet the dog when he returned home from work and tell him what a nice dog he is. The dog now loves him, sits on his feet and cosies up to him in the evening. The result, my husband realises what a good friend a dog can be. He's become a dog convert and the dog's settled down too!


  • Well Monty looks like a happy doggy now, from that pic!

  • Lovely puss cat - makes my Boofie look positively short! My friends have got two rag doll cats and they look similar but not as big either. Boofie plays catch up the stairs and is very vocal and I love her to bits xx

  • I totally forget just how long the darn things are. Remember being totally stunned when Scruff was quite young - she stood on hind paws, casually reaches up and swiped some cat treats off the mantelpiece. MCs are also really vocal, I love that too!

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