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Good news

Hey everyone just an update.. I went for my 'urgent' Gynae appointment today for my trans vaginal scan. He told me I had nothing to worry about and couldn't see anything sinister and shouldn't have had an urgent appointment. He did suggest removal of the ovary though due to see if symptoms resolve. It be about 5 month wait.... Has anyone else been told this?

Cathy x

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It sounds as if things have gone really well! So glad that there isn't anything urgent needed. If you're worried about any symptoms, you can always ring the Gynae surgeon's secretary and ask for a cancellation for your ovary op. did you have a CA125 blood test? If the results come back as under 30 that's another indication that things are OK. However, if you have any doubts, email Ruth. She'll know!

Wonderful news though. I am so pleased for you :-)

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy no I didn't have a CA 125 as he said it would prob be raised anyway as I'm pre menopausal?? I'm 39. I do have loads of the beat symptoms and havnt felt well in ages but I suppose he knows best. He did actually say to me about all the advertisements for ovarian cancer have people scared into thinking they have it!!!!!


This is good news the second good news today thank you for sharing best wishes love x G x


I wonder why he said to remove the ovary? Seems very radical without counselling and a laparoscope to inform . Mad world as i see it . X


He said he would remove it as I have been having alot of pain and there are cysts on it.. I'm getting worried now though as I have read people transvaginal scans have been mis diagnosed as not being sinister but when removed they have had OC... I wouldn't mind only I feel terrible lately


Oh good! So glad for you. I disagree with the above - I think with significant level of BEAT symptoms, cysts, pain all these rumblings your risk has to be heightened, if it were me I would be taking up the offer, but in the knowledge that all ops are risks, of course.


Sue xxx


I've had several operations to remove cysts over the years, then an op to remove an ovary and fallopian tube which because of previous operations had adhered itself to my bladder which meant a bladder repair, followed by infections etc.... Because of the adhesions caused by several operations my most recent consultant has refused to operate to take out remaining ovary/fallopian tube/ womb even though I have persistant cysts, symptoms consistant with OC and a family history of OC and Breast cancer. He maintains the adhesions are so severe that any operation would be very complicated and result in bowel surgery and a colostomy, He believes my cysts are benign and the symptoms that I have are caused by surgical adhesions and subsequent infections... I have bowel problems and abdominal pains (which actually are better this year than last... Hooray!) What I am trying to say is be really sure you want any surgery, ask lots of questions about adhesions and how the surgical team will try to prevent them, as there are techniques they can use. I have had such conflicting advice from consultants, some want to whip everything out and some are reluctant to do anything... All you can do is be as informed as possible stay positive and be firm about what YOU want to happen to YOUR body. There are other conditions that can mimic the symptoms of OC very closely so try not to worry that your outcome will be the worst scenario. I think this forum is brilliant for enabling women to inform and educate about the condition of OC and as a bonus, our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Warmest wishes for good health. Lisa


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