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Ovary, rib, and back pain

I've recently begun to have pain in my ovary area. It's tender to the touch and seems to worsen at nighttime. It feels sore and like it's being stabbed, twisted or something like that. I don't want to move/get up, and at its worst, it hurts too much to stand up straight.

My lower back has also been hurting, along with my ribs. My ribs have been feeling sore for maybe 6 months or so?

I was wondering if you have any input on what this could be, and if it could be OC. The reason I'm posting here is because I Googled ovary and rib pain to see if they were connected and it brought me to Ovacome.

Thank you :)

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Hi there.. You could use the symptom tracker which is on this site. Type the words beat symptom tracker into google and follow the link. The tracker is towards the bottom of the page. Hope this helps. X


I'm interested that you feel you can identify ovary pain; and it's the word 'ovary' in the search that's brought you here. I would be knocked down with surprise if it were anything to do with - it's a notoriously low-level symptom disease.

Sounds as if you've done some physical damage, to me. I'd be off to the Chiropractor, then the doctor (I like to get my skeleton and muscles sorted first, so that the medics don't just cloud those symptoms with painkillers).

Good luck - I hope you get it diagnosed, and treated soon.



I have to say I used to complain about ovary ache, and everyone rocked with laughter, I think it's because it's that area. I had symptoms similar to yours, I went to the doctor and was fobbed off with painkillers etc. So I would pursue this with a doctor get two opinions at least, but don't self diagnose or you will drive yourself insane with worry.



Dear Mousey

I think you've had good advice here. I would certainly see my GP in your situation. Something is wrong if the pain is so bad you can't stand up - but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be assuming it ovarian cancer unless your GP indicates that might be the case. The symptom tracker is very helpful. It gives you a list of things you should be looking out for and you can record when you get the pain, how long, etc.

I hope you can see a medic very soon. Please let us know how you get on.

best wishes.


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