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Elana Waldman Blog

Elana Waldman Blog

Hi there, just wanted to let everyone know about this lady, Elana Waldman, chatelaine.com/health/time-... She has a great blog which she's been updating for the last few years and the link here is to her latest blog entry. For the most part, she does video blogs which are very real to watch. All her previous blog entries are available on the website also. Let me know what you think?


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Hi June hope you are well and a very happy new year to you. I was very interested in reading Elanas blogs. Her doubts and feelings are very familiar. I have a respite from treatment at the moment but in the meantime had to have shoulder surgery for bursitis and impingement. Last week sat down and cried and said why me! It felt like one thing on top of the other, Between treatments it would be nice to be normal but what is normal! Had my bloods done today and back to onocologist next week for the results. I do feel good and worked up to Xmas as had op 21st Dec so am hoping that I will get another three months break. If not I was told there is a treatment to suit me. So I cling to any chink of light I an given. all the best


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