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BRCA2 gene

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Has anyone on this forum who was diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene had any children also diagnosed, if so do you know of any screening programs in place in Ireland.

It’s been my experience that the health professionals are busy diagnosing this gene but then you are left to your own devices as to what to do going forward.

Many thanks

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Hi I'm no help to you really but I am BRCA2 and none of my children or anyone in the family for that matter have been diagnosed as positive. They're all clear luckily.

I went for an interview with an advisor at a local hospital who gave me letters to send out to my family members to pass on to their GP's and from there they went on to have the test. Some decided not to but that was their choice.

Good luck with this. Ask your consultant at your next appointment to be referred on.

Best wishes,

Zena x

Yes my daughter and niece. I was devastated for them but they are taking all the right measures.

In our treatment it gives us more options though


Hi, I haven't been diagnosed with the Brca Gene yet & hopefully I won't, as like you I would be heartbroken for my 2 daughters who are still too young to be tested if I do find out that I am positive for it . I am receiving my results next month.

😩. I am however after spotting on Twitter that the Marie keating foundation are having a Brca information seminar on the 24th April in the Red cow hotel so if you were able to attend you might get some answers to your questions. There will be a lady called Terri McVey speaking at it & she is so knowledgeable on the Brca Gene ( she spoke at an ovacare patient day recently) & she answered some of my questions personally. You can find the details of this event on I Hope if you get to attend, it might help. Take care

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