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CA125 fluctuations post chemotherapy

Hi all,

I’m just wondering about normal fluctuations in CA135 levels after chemo for high grade serous grade 3. Is it worrying if you see an increase over two readings , ie from , 6 to 10 to 13 ?

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What does your oncologist feel about this, does he or she think you might have a problem. I would ask for referral back or ring your gynae liason nurse to see you need your scan brought forward. It is still within normal range and may just need watching


Thanks for your reply. Oncologist not worried apparently . Im hoping it is a normal fluctuation.

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Then go with your oncologist, however if you become symptomatic, then look for further advice. Sometimes the 125 is not a reliable too on its own, you can have false negatives and false positives but if you gynae is happy then why worry


Thank you. I wish you all the very best.


If it doubles twice on the bounce it needs further investigation but fluctuations in readings of anything is normal

LA xx


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