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Confused and worried

5 Jul 2017 9:15 PM

Hi i am under a gynae at the moment for ovarian cysts .i had a ct scan with contrast and the gynae rang and said that she was not checking me for cancer and that she could not see anything on the ct scan that concerned her .the mri is to look closer at the cysts she said ....but im worried the mri is going to find cancer because im having symptoms like im coming on a period dragging in pelvis and pain were ovaries are . Im also worried because im in the menopause alkegedly because i didnt ave period for 3 yrs then got a bleed and found my lining was thick but that came back as no abmormal cells found ..confused and worried

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I can understand how worried and confused you must be feeling at the minute. I think you just have to dig deep within yourself, you are getting an MRI scan soon and wait for the results of it. Its good that your team are being thorough. All the best. Ann xx


Hi Mortigger,Cysts cause those symptoms you mentioned.When it's Ovarian related the womb etc are affected.Im sure your doctor did the CA125 blood test .The contrast scan picks up the cancer as the dye lights up the cancer area,so if your gyne said there's nothing she can see on scan except cysts,then that is fantastic news for you.I can understand why you were worried though.Speak to your gyne about your fears and worries.


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