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Hi ladies, hope you are all well, I find this forum very helpful, I was to have a ct scan today but no body could find a decent vein so the dye would go through, I'm like a pin cushion, so the just gave me a scan without the dye, did anyone have this experience plus docs think it could be appendixs but I don't think so...I don't have any other symptoms

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  • Hi Cotton, hope you are doing okay. I had one scan without dye many years ago. Its awful when they cant find a suitable vein. Mine tend to go into hiding after many chemo infusions. I have scan on Friday, had ultra sound two weeks ago and that was ok. It was ordered by my gp as he was anxious about my liver but that was fine and so seemed everything else. Now my routine scan is due as ordered by oncologist so they are usually good at finding veins so hoping for the best. I hope your scan turns out okay,

  • I just noticed I had answered you re hip tendonitis, how is this now? Mine is okay mostly after lots of physio but it plays up now and again. I am trying to walk a little more these days

  • Thanks for your reply, my hip is fine so 3 doctors think it could be my appendixs but I have no other symptoms, pain and soreness is around my hip area, I know and feel something there...

  • Perhaps you should push your gp to refer you for an mri. This is how I was diagnosed. I feel myself, I had rt on that side and that is a possible cause of this. Had ct scan yesterday so finger and toes crossed nothing is amiss and if it is I just have to deal with it.

  • Hi, my scan was all clear which is good but my gut instinct tells me otherwise, I have an appointment my gynie end of next month, gp thinks it's probably adhesions, have you suffered from adhesions before

  • I am glad your scan is clear, I havent had adhesions but wouldnt be surprised to be honest. I would think the rt I had a few years back on that side is catching up.

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