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Hi Everybody, it was nice to meet you today at Imperial Hotel Cork and for those of you who were unable to come, well you missed a wonderful day. To start, we had our Patient Story from Anne, with a brilliant Poem, Then we had Dr Matt Hewitt who spoke on Ovarian Cancer and also touched on the long waiting lists here in Cork at the moment for gynae problems. I agree with him, the waiting times are unacceptable, Over 4300 on waiting lists and almost 900 of those ladies waiting for over 18months. Then we had Eileen Kennedy, who gave us a talk on the role of the gynae liason nurse and again she also mentioned the long gynae waiting lists. We had a nutritionist and then Oncologist Deirdre O Mahony speaking again on Ovarian Cancer. Finally we had Ellen from Cork Arc House, assuring us of a warm welcome to Cancer patients family and friends. She also mentioned the therapies including light massage and Tai Chi, Reflexology and Mindfulness which are available free of charge. I wish to thank Brian, Sharon, Ruth and June for co ordinating such wonderful speakers and organising the event which was run so smoothly. Finally thank you for the refreshments and lunch. When we came out of the Imperial Hotel, it was to glorious sunshine. Thank you again

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Hey Joan!

Sorry I didn't make it today! I have my nieces confirmation next week in Dublin and I had a load to do to get ready including getting the hair cut wouldn't have had the time if I went to Cork! Sounds like ye had a great day!!

I will be at the patient group meeting on the 1st of April though so see you then!


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I was looking around for you D but didnt see you so guessed it was a long travel for you. Hope to see you April , in the the meantime, have a fab day at the confirmation


Yes, it was a wonderful day, thanks to all the team at OvaCare for organising it and thanks to all the speakers for giving up their time on Saturday to facilitate us. It was lovely to meet everybody and we missed all of you who were unable to be there. It was also great to meet new people some of whom are just beginning the journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and remember we will be with you on this forum through the journey.

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Yes indeed we did miss those who were unable to attend but hopefully we will catch up with them on the next coffee morning


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