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Dublin Coffee Morning

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Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel so welcome on Saturday, I can't tell you how it felt to just have an open chat with ladies that just got it, I look forward to seeing you again

Sending you all love


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It was lovely to meet you Tracey! The coffee mornings are great and this Forum is fab too so keep in touch! You strike me as a very positive person so keep smiling and mind yourself!


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Good to meet you Tracey - see you again at next coffee morning/Patient Day !


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TracyD8 in reply to

And you Juliet hopefully see everyone again soon X

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kittie in reply to TracyD8

Hi Irisheyes I didn't make the Coffee Morning last Saturday but hopefully we will meet up at the next one . Kittie

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IrishMollyO in reply to

Hi Juliet

It was good to see you too. Sorry I was a bit distracted after going to the wrong hotel ! Plus my anxiety levels are still a bit high. I'm going to make an appointment with the psychologist when I get home from Dublin to help me through getting yet another opinion and possibly changing hospitals if I have the courage. You were looking good on Sat. I know it hasn't been easy but you have such a good attitude . Going to see La La Land tonight so looking forward to that . Provided I don't fall asleep as I did on Sun at the movie Jackie ! Take care


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kittie in reply to IrishMollyO

O MollyO. I am just laughing at the thought of you getting the hotels mixed up. The time before you greeted me by falling to your knees. I hope you enjoyed la la land I heard it's very good. Hope to see you at Coffee Morning in Cork. Kittie

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IrishMollyO in reply to kittie

Hi Kittie

I like a bit of drama in my life ! Joking of course. Gremlins follow me around. Not long in from the movie. Dare I say it but the three of us thought it was overrated . Yes it was sweet but it lacked something. Two women in front of us were really disappointed too. I had really looked forward to it. I also thought for a musical it didn't have any memorable songs . Let me know what you think if you go. Hope to see you in Cork. I also hope you are doing ok . Take care


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Hi Molly

Great idea to see the psychologist - do you have a recommendation for one or do you know who you are going to see?

I hope you enjoyed La La Land - I haven't seen it yet, but hope to soon.

Juliet x

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She is attached to the Oncology unit which is good so has lots of experience of dealing with Cancer patients. Will make an appointment when I get back to the country. I have met her quite a few times and she knows where I'm coming from .

Myself and two friends were quite disappointed in La LA land. To us it didn't live up to all the hype about it. It was quite sweet and has some good scenes and dancing sequences but no great songs. People seated nearby thought the same. Maybe don't expect too much and you will be pleasantly surprised. Let me know what you think when you see it..

Going back to the country tomorrow. Met some old friends in Nicos in Dame St this evening and really enjoyed it so I have been able to forget about worries for a few days. Take care Juliet


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TracyD8 in reply to HogwartsDK

I will indeed I came away thinking I should have got involved months ago, not sure if it's me or the pregabalin ; ) but seriously I think keeping or trying to keep your head in a good place is important easier said than done at times but it helped me X

It was good to meet you too Tracy. Theres lots of support from the group and on this website. You will always get an answer. I could not have got this far without it . Stay in touch


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TracyD8 in reply to IrishMollyO

Hi Molly

It was great to meet so many fantastic ladies like you and hear their stories and know you aren't alone, I should have got in touch months ago think you'll be stuck with me now X

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suzuki in reply to TracyD8

Hi Irisheyes 1, your post described exactly how I felt at my first coffee morning in Cork, yes its that exactly meeting with others who get what we are going through ourselves. I didnt make it to Dublin perhaps I will when the weather gets warmer but hoping there will be a coffee morning in Cork Feb or March

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