Life is tought

Today I supposed to be packed and waiting with my son for plane going to Poland for my mums 60th Birthday surprise. Everything was booked and organized. My friend supposed to collect us from airport and drop in to my parents house. I can see my mums and dad's faces... Tomorrow i had planned to go with my mum to SPA Hotel for mums-daughter beauty treatments for 4 days. Dad and Szymek supposed to leave us there and come back at day 4th and stay with us for a day in Aqua Park and then all together go back home. Sounds fantastic, isn't it? Well, instead I'm sitting again in oncology ward and getting second session of carbo and caelyx. I'm so sad. Life is so so unpredictable! 😩😩

Hugs, xx

Zaneta from Hairless Beauty

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  • Hi Zaneta I am so sorry you are so upset. It is tough with this illness. We cant plan in advance. Although you cannot go home because of treatment, your Mum will be in your heart and you in hers this weekend. Maybe your oncologist will let your fly there over the Xmas period but I know the element of surprise is gone. It has to be hard for you being ill far away from home. But everything passes and hopefully you can remake your plans soon. Sending you a big hug

  • Hello Zaneta, I am so sorry that you are not able to go home, and you had it so planned out. Reality bites so hard sometimes, but, it may be that you just have to postpone it for a little while. Your family would love to have you at home but not at the expense of your health. We always feel like we are letting everyone down but we are the only ones that see it like that.

    Take care of yourself,


  • Yes Zaneta I can understand.I remember last year it was my Bday and I was sitting in day ward with drip in my hand😞 I felt same.But again just try to keep moral up that will keep us strong.We will have good days back for sure.

  • Oh Zanetta, I'm so sorry your plans didn't come to fruition. Try to be positive, get your treatment over with and then book and go.I'm sure your mum understands. Big hugs. xx

  • Hi Zaneta, I don't know how to send this privately! This is Marie from Clondalkin.We met in SJH at the Ovarian Day conference on Monday. Here is my number as promised . 0876394240



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