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Can someone help

I had stage 1a large Tumor removed a year and half ago along with rite ovary and tube I had sparing surgery as I was 28 at time and trying for a baby now every time I have a period where the missing ovary should be I have cramp like pain that makes me red in face and can bring me to my knees it only lasts a couple of mins but can come on anytime has anyone else experienced this if so what could it be please help 

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I will PM you


Hi Emmajayne1, I also was diagnosed 1a with very large tumour at age 28-was restaged to 1c after surgery as tumour burst. I was pregnant at the time so luckily have one daughter now. I also only had one ovary and tube removed at time as I wanted more children. About 6mnths after diagnosis I began having lot of pain similar to how you describe. My CA125 was monitored over next year and began rising to over 100 at which point my doctors advised having the remaining ovary removed. Turned out no cancer found in the ovary however ca125 began to drop back to within normal range and the pains I had ceased.  I understand the predicament you are in. I would ask for an ultrasound and ca125 test(if this was an indicator for you previously). There may be many benign reasons for your pain but with your history better to be sure. 


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