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Borderline tumor

Hi everyone,

I had a serious borderline tumor 10 years ago at 24. I lost the affected ovary,tube, appendix etc This was discovered at my 12 week scan during my first pregnancy.

I had 6 monthly follow ups for 5 years& am now in St James annually. I had a 'complex' cyst on my remaining ovary 2 years ago which sent me Into total panic and the possibility of surgical menopause very close. Luckily it was a benign cyst.

At my most recent check, the subject of hysterectomy was discussed. I'm 34 now & it's surgery I will need to have over the next couple of years. I'm terrified at the prospect of surgical menopause in my late 30s/ 40 at the latest. Even waiting this length of time I'm so worried about the possibility of another tumor in the meantime.

Anything I read online about surgical menopause sounds terrifying. I feel very isolated and alone in all of this. I have nobody to talk to about it. My husband is fantastic but he just doesn't know what to say really apart from saying it will all be ok. What else can he say I suppose. I'm so lucky to have my children so the fertility end of things is not an issue.

I find every little twinge or discomfort in my tummy has me convinced something is going wrong again. This whole experience has changed me as a person. I struggle with anxiety, I feel like I have a dark shadow behind me all the time and now with talk of more surgery, it's like it has stepped closer.

Does anyone have any experience of borderline tumors? I would appreciate any advice.

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Hi there,

I had a sub total hystorectomy at 30, due to polycystic ovaries which caused constant bleeding. I was on infertility treatment at the time and unfortunately we were never lucky to have children.

At 37 I then had total hystorectomy which was overies, tubes and a bowel scraped. I just took hrt for a few years by patch and when I turned 40 decided just get rid of the menopause it took about , two years.

When I think of it now I was glad to get it over and done with. Some people don't even know when they are going through it.

My advice is if you don't need you bits anymore then get rid of them. It will solve a lot of your problems.

Everyone is different,

Best of luck,

Ann Nora 🍀


Thank you for taking the time to reply to me Ann Nora.

I wish you all the best with your treatment going forward.

Do you mind me asking if it was a result of cancer you had your ovaries removed at 37 or a precautionary measure?



No not as a result of cancer as a result of Hugh cyst's. Thought I had avoided getting this disease but it has come back to haunt me. Everything was removed and 17years later I still got it.

Ann Nora


Thanks Ann Nora.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

Again, I really hope from here on in things start to go your way.

Best wishes



I had a full hysterectomy earlier this year but i was anyway near a natural menopause.

In any case I read a lot about it as I wanted to know how everything was going to affect me and I could rely only on other's women experiences as the consultants never have enough time to discuss what seems to be "tiny details" to them.

My advice is stop reading . I learned that everyone is different and I had none of the horrific night sweating or heating or whatsoever. WEll I had few episodes but I am also conviced that keeping myself active is helping a lot. I go regularly to the gym and I walk a lot. I was never given medication for my menopause and basically after the surgery I did not had to deal with medication. Anxiety won't do you any good. Talk to someone. A counsellor can really help. O help yourself with daily meditations or yoga. I can assure you that both help a lot.

I think that cancer change everything. I'm not the same person and I'm not thinking as "before". But never in a negative way. Cancer changes everything. And only those on the same path can understand this. So chin up. we are all here to help. :)


Hi Onia_cat

You're so right I need to stop reading. I've become obcessed with reading all kinds of things and am at the point now where I feel crippled with anxiety,not just about menopause but recurrences & all sorts 😔

I have been to counselling,tried mindfulness. I know I'm not doing myself any favours.

Thank you again for your kind reply.

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I had a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oopherectomy a year and a half ago. I was already experiencing symptoms of menopause probably due to the state of my ovaries as I had 2 borderline tumers. Everyone is different with regards to recovery and menopause. A good GP or Gynie will help with any symptoms you have. Once you know there's no malignant tumour the relief is huge. The main thing is to ask any questions straight out to ease your mind. I had also compled my family so my reproductive organs were redundant. I did a lot of walking and swimming post surgery and it helped a lot. Haven't had any major concerns since surgery. Dexa scan to keep an eye on bone density and calcium tablets to promote it. Many people do HRT but there are other medications to ease hot flushes or night sweats if you have them. Again talk to your GP in regard to that. Best of luck with the surgery and give yourself time to deal with the whole thing mentally. Try not to worry too much about things that may not happen to you, you will get through this. Murt


Hi murt

I really do need to stop worrying about things that haven't happened yet!

I'm trying to remind myself I had a clear ultrasound last week. I have heard nothing about my bloods so I assume all is ok there.

It is the unknown. I find it do hard that I have to make a decision about this operation. It feels like such a weight. I know without doubt I will have it but choosing when...even at that,there are no guarantees that that's it done with. It could still come back. Oh dear here I go again...

Thanks for your reply. It means a lot.


Sorry Murt bloody typo.


Well said Murt,



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