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I had my right ovary removed 20 years ago due to a large benign tumour,recently I have had many cysts on my remaining ovary.

My nan died of ovarian cancer and strong family history of breast cancer and waiting results on my mums BRCA test.

My surgery is booked for April to have my ovary removed now I'm panicking about the health risk of having no ovaries, I'm 51 and would be glad of any advice

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  • Hi Wendy, if you can have a look on the Ovacome site which is attached to Ovacare. There is a long involved report from British Gynaes. I read that having Ovaries removed and tubal litigation lessens the chance of having Ovarian Cancer. I dont think there is any health risk involved. Speak to your gynae and gp to put your mind at ease. Its a big step to take but you would be doing it for the right reasons.

  • Thank you and yes I think I need to speak to him again.Thanks for the info will have a read of it.

  • Hi Wendy

    I had 3.5kg Cyst on Ovary, which was found to have Cancer cells in as did the Ovary. I had everything taken out back on 2nd Nov 2015. Correct term full Laparotomy Hysterectomy. I am 50yrs and am currently having Chemo (Carboplatin) had 3 of 6 treatments. If it wasn't for the Chemo I would be feeling 100% from the Operation and was just fine by Xmas 15. I must add however I had an amazing Surgeon Mr Larsen Disney he talked me through everything and operated on me for over 3hrs he was there when I woke up and saw me every morning in Hospital I was in for 5 days. I think best advice is talk through with Surgeon as that helped me...

    All the very best

    Best Regards


  • Thank you for your reply,I think I will speak to my surgeon again as I don't think I asked the questions I needed to when I last saw him.

    Take care and good luck with your treatment.

  • It is hard really to react when all this is thrown at you, you are knocked off balance. I know I was when first told I needed surgery etc. So perhaps write down any questions that come to mind before you speak with your surgeon again. It is good to be well armed and also if you have a relative or friend you rely on to go with you so they can pick up on things you may not have taken in,

  • Yes I went on my own to the last appointment which probably wasn't a good idea as you said I don't think you always take everything in .

  • Well I dont, I do think up the questions and the last time came out and remembered them outside when it was too late. I was always a solo act until the gynae liason nurse told me that the family would have to support me more. Being an army wife, I was so independent, always sorting stuff when hubby was away so for me it was quite okay to keep doing what I was doing. But I did change that and hubby can pick bits I missed, especially the good bits, of course men dont listen to the bad parts.

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