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Hello all!

The week has finally come and I am having my operation on Thursday! Cyst was removed in August now the rest! I am in a position where I am calm and petrified on alternative hours almost minutes at thus stage!!! I was just wondering if any of you wonderfully wise women have any last minute pieces of wisdom that might help me make the hours more calm and less petrified!!!

Thanks and hope you are all feeling well!!


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  • HI D, just want to wish you well over the next few days and for Thursday. It might be handy if you bring a nighty or two, easier to manage for the first day post op etc. If you have any Andre Rieu cds or dvds, sit down and enjoy them, music relaxes the mind and if cds all the better you can take them to hospital with you. I did that with a personal cd player and it was great to pass the time if you dont feel like reading etc. Do bring some vaseline and nice hand cream because after the op, there is nothing much you can do except, moisturise you hands. Why not treat your self to a few hours out with friends or even on your own before then, it is good to get out to stop thinking, Your team will do their best to make you feel at ease, I was never in hospital before my diagnosis and I was like a caged animal but you learn to go with the flow, I got that advise from a friend and it was the best thing ever. Sending you a hug,

  • Thanks a million Suzuki! I had a lovely meal with my sis and friends last night and a fab weekend in London last weekend! Am working this week until Weds so that will keep me occupied believe me!!! Lots of fast walking and as you said listening to music too so your advice is very sound! Learned the nightie thing from the last hospital visit so have few ready to go!!! I am hoping I won't have to stay in too long last op was just one night but I have a feeling this one will be a bit more! As my consultant said and I quote there will be more "jiggery-pokery" in there this time so I am thinking 2 nights but hopefully no more!!!

    Thanks again for the tips the baseline and hand cream are in the bag as a result!!!

    All the best!


  • Hi D,I didn't have surgery but I want to wish you the best of Luck for Thursday.I hope you make a speedy recovery.

  • Thank you Annie you are very good! I am very calm about the whole thing now what will be will be!!! Hope you are well! D

  • The best of luck on Thursday . Bring a couple of pairs of socks with you as I found my feet were always cold.Kittie

  • Just to wish you the best of luck tomorrow, I hope all goes well,

  • Thank you so much Suzuki! Looking forward to this time tomorrow when it's all over and done with! Onwards and Upwards!!! D

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