I have been to the oncologist and the surgeon and both have decided that I am a candidate for tamoxifen. I was always of the belief that it was only for breast cancer. Is anyone else here on it? I am a bit fearful of the weight gain etc. My surgeon is reluctant to do more surgery and has had success with other ovarian cancer patients taking tamoxifen. Any thoughts anyone? Sharon

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  • Hi Airfemale,I haven't heard of that drug being given to O.C patients but then again there's always something new thank goodness.Im sure your Onc,is doing the right thing.:-)

  • Hi Annie, I hope you are doing okay and coping with treatment. I finish Avastin in October as my body needs a break but it seems to be a general policy to stop after two years. I am now thinking where did the time go, especially the last eighteen months and I ask myself did I use this time well?

    Well you can do only what you can do. I am having the infamous scope next Friday morning so taking picolax Thursday and doing my fast from lunch time. There was no escape, Have you met the new Reg not Rachel, but another lady, I dont think I made myself flavour of the month with her two weeks ago as I protested too much at clinic

  • Hi Suzuki, I do not envy you having your scope on Friday, but at least it will be over and done with and you can relax. I am going to the Coffee Morning in Sept hope to see you there.Take care Kittie

  • Hi Kittie, all done and dusted piles tied etc so relieved its over, dont have to return unless its necessary. I would also hope to be at the Coffee morning in Sept. I hope you are doing okay best wishes Joan

  • Hi Suzuki. I am glad everything went well for you and hopefully that is the end of it. I am doing good at the moment energy levels getting better every week . I am back for my review on Thursday next so my mind is beginning to run away with its self. Take care Phil

  • HI Sharon, yes I have come across this on google or somewhere or perhaps one of the ladies on here mentioned it as some stage either on Ovacome or Ovacare. Hopefully the blogger will see your question and give you an answer. There are more discoveries now with all the research being done into Cancer. I will follow your story with interest. I have been on maintenance Avastin which will end in October. I am supposed to get a break to rest my body after two years of it. Has your oncologist given a reason for his decision and has he had results with patients so far? If you have a gynae liason nurse to approach I would certainly contact her and ask for an appointment to discuss your questions. I take it you are in Ireland and could I ask you if you have been on Avastin up to now as a matter of interest?

  • No Suzuki, I live in australia. The surgeon is reluctant to do any surgery at this time so I have to live with a small growing tumour on my bowel. I guess he feels that tamoxifen is of benefit. I will update everyone on my progress with it. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon. I know i did read a post a few weeks back from a woman who was prescribed it. I was surprised at the time as I have always associated it with breast cancer . Then I did what my Oncology nurse hates me doing. I googled it and found that in mar 2015 Medscape gave some info on their website regarding Tamoxifen and OC . I am not a medical person but it would appear that it may be a trial for women with OC but as Suzuki says it is best to ask your medical team. I just wanted to reassure you that it is not unusual. I just want to wish you all the best for successful progress.


  • Hi Sharon. Sorry I do not know anything about tamoxifen either ,but I am sure someone on this site will be able to help. The best of luck with your treatment .Kittie

  • I have heard of this. The Ovarian and Breast chemo's and treatments are not as different as we think. On the Ovacome site you might be able to find out more about it in the threads if you type it in. I think there are women who have done really well on it.

    Wishing you all the best



  • Hi I started on Tamoxifen about 5 weeks ago following my 3rd line chemo. Was on Letrozole with no success but Oncologist happy to prescribe Tamoxifen. This was after I questioned him about Metformin as some studies done with this. It is not licensed for use with Cancer so said he would be unhappy to prescribe it but happy tobprescribe Tamoxifen and see if it gave me longer between chemos. Letrozole and Tamoxifen are anti Oestrogens but they work in different ways. Only time will tell. Will obviously only work if Can fed by Oestrogen which can be the case for 1:5 Women

    Hope this helps

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy, Have you noticed any side effects so far. I am probably very worried of a loss of well being. I guess we all want quality of life. Thanks Sharon

  • Hi Sharon, I live in W.Australia, I guess you must be in the East.

    I haven't heard of anyone being on Tamoxifen so can't help you there but wish you good luck with it.

    I was diagnosed in June 2012, the cancer was also in my uterus, tubes and bowel so had full hysterectomy and 1/3rd of my large intestine removed plus 20cm of my small intestine and had an ileostomy bag which was reversed after 8 months.

    Had a recurrence last year, was on carboplatin and caelyx for 6 months then 7 months of caelyx as a maintenance dose . After the first six months some of the cancers had gone and some had reduced but unfortunately the maintenance chemo hasn't worked and cancers which were inactive are now active again and I have some new ones so now I have just started a new treatment of Gemcitabine and Cisplatin, half one week, half the next week then two weeks off. I'm hoping these will work. Have you heard of anyone being on these?

    Once again , Good luck with the Tamoxifen. Best wishes Shirley

  • Hi Shirley, I am so sorry that you are having such a rough trot of things. If you wish to email me privately let me know. We aussies should stick together Ha ! My first weeks progress on the drug has been very successful. I have dropped 4 points on my CA 125. Good Luck. Sharon

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