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Roisin interview on TG4 tonight

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Hi all, I just watched 'Roisin ' on Tg4 at 8:00 interview Miriam O Driscoll about her journey with Ovarian Cancer and OvaCare. What an amazing interview, real, positive, honest and beautiful flowing Irish (language). Well done Miriam you did me and us proud. I identified with everything you said and your an natural in front of the camera.

hope to see you at the Cork patient day ?

kindest regards


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Like Sinead, I also watched Miriam on the TG4 show "Roisin" and she was excellent. She was so clear & concise about the symptoms and how she in particular noticed the change in her body - which alerted her to a health problem which turned out to be OC.

So Miriam, if you are reading these posts - take and bow - you were brilliant. Go raibh maith agat.


I am joining in this praise as well, I thought the interview was so natural, very honest and also Roisin did ask very pertinent questions which were answered without a bother. Well done for bring this to the fore. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the nice dry days,

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kittie in reply to suzuki

Well done Miriam you did us all proud , and thanks to TG4 for letting you get it out there. Kittie

PS Thank God for subtitles as my Irish is I hate to say very limited.

Thank you everybody. The discussion here about raising awareness prompted me to do it. I am looking forward to the patient day in Cork. Miriam

I've just watched the interview on player. Well done Miriam. You were excellent. Fantastic interview. I'm so sorry I'm missing the patient day next month (am heading off on easter hols with kids) because I would really love to congratulate you personally. I hope we have an opportunity to meet in the future - you've put a spring in my step to see someone doing so well after 2 recurrances.

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daisies in reply to Missfitz

HI. just saw that you are heading off for some Easter Break hols - enjoy, You certainly deserve it.

Take care, Maureen

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suzuki in reply to Missfitz

Sorry we will miss you at the patient day but maybe we can all catch up some time mid April for a chat. Glad you are doing okay

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Cathanne in reply to Missfitz

Thank you for kind words. Enjoy your break, Miriam

We'll done Miriam.Beautiful informative interview.enjoy your well earned break.xx

Miriam I just watched your interview on iplayer. Tá tu go hiontach ar fad. It is wonderful to see & hear somebody batting in our corner. A wonderful ambassador and also a warm human presence.

You are a true inspiration! Thank you x

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