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Invite to Visual Art Exhibition in Limerick.

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Dear all, I hope you are all well, just writing to let you all know and invite you to see an exhibition I am part of titled MAKE.

MAKE is an exhibition of artworks by Artists/Educators from MIC & LSAD: Annemarie Morrin, Sinead Dinneen, Dr Julie Brazil, Niall Quinn, Tanya de Paor, Cliona Geary, Fiona Quill, Maria Finucane

The opening of the exhibition was Thursday 29th October 6pm, Mary Immaculate College, (MIC) South Circular Road , Limerick, Ireland - The exhibition is on in the foyer and It is open every day from 9:00-9:00 for two weeks.

My art work is directly related to my diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and the themes include using significant text relating to medical diagnosis , feelings and experience of my journey. I use a combination of photography , text using embroidery thread, print making , clay in 2D and 3D forms.

for more info on my art work please look at my website

hope to see you all soon at the Dublin patient day

x Sinead

15 Replies
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Good luck with the exhibition Sinead. Hope it goes well. Ann

in reply to thesilent1

thanks a million Ann


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Well done Sinead and congratulations . That works sounds very therapeutic an must have helped you deal with cancer journey . You must feel very proud . I will look up your website an I wish you good health and happiness .

in reply to Connie8

thanks for those kind words and i am quite proud of myself, some of it is not plesent viewing but thats life .

thanks again


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Pity I live in England I would have loved to have seen your work. Good luck and Enjoy the dat,


in reply to Taichipat

thanks Pat for your encouragement ! take a look at the site above ! i hope to exhibit in Uk some day .

kind regards


Hi Sinead, I may not get to Limerick and I am still thinking about Dublin and its almost upon us. If I do go to Dublin no doubt we will meet, all the best with your exhibition. My husbands niece just started this term in Mary I and I am sure she will have seen this. I will text her to look out for it Best wishes

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Hi Suzuki, only do what you can for now and I'm not sure where you are based but we would love this show to travel to different parts of Ireland.

Oh delighted your husbands niece is in Mary I, she may or many not have seen it as it only up since Thursday but she will find it in the foyer and other parts of MIC.

hope to talk to you soon


I am based in Cork and just discovered that I have two choices of trains for Sat a train at 6am or a later one at 8.20, there seems to be no service in between, I alway thought there was one at 7.25 but must be only mon to fri,

Suzuki If you do make the journey and I'm around i can give you my details and you can call me and i will give you the tour.

no pressure , just in case you'd like company.

will chat soon


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Hi Sinead Congratulations on your exhibition and well done.Just wondering is it open at weekends as well.Hope your keeping well.

Hi Limerick65, thanks for the mail and kind words !! MIC is open every day 9-9 including weekends - I'm not the 100% about Sunday mornings.

hope you can make it

thanks again


PS if anyone wants to meet me at the exhibition and I'm up and about ( I rest for a few hours most days in the afternoon )- please let me know and i will meet you there.

kind regards


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Hi Sinead2014, Sorry I wont make your exhibition as I live in the midlands but will be at the Patients Day on Saturday. Suzuki it is hard to make up your mind when you have to rely on trains. When I go to the Coffee Mornings in Cork I never make up my mind until the last moment as with the time of train I am always in Cork an hour and a half early. The best thing to do is wait until the day before to make up your mind even if you dont register the are always no shows so you wouldnt have to worry about registering. I am going by bus this time, its an hour and a half journey and like the train leaves me at Heuston Station Regards Kittie.

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Delighted to hear about your exhibition, Sinéad. What an achievement. I'm unlikely to be in Limerick but will tell my friend on Masters course there to visit. Best of luck for Saturday. Miriam

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