Benign Cyst or Cancer??

Hi all, I am new here

Just wondering if anyone has had experience anything like mine of late.

I am 33, married with 5 children.

Have been experiencing pain in lower left area for past number of months on and off. Sometimes daily for couple hrs other times nothing for a week or more. GP referred me to gynae consultant. He did internal exam, felt "something" then did brief ultrasound saw "something" but couldnt see properly. This took place middle of Aug. Booked me for a full ultrasound. Had this two weeks ago, end of Sept. then appt. with consultant Tues. Couldnt quite understand understudy, English very broken, but tried his best. Heterozygous solid mass found on left ovary measuring approx. 5x3x7cm. Explained they will try to remove laparoscopically and not to worry. Have taken bloods for tumour markers. Am a bit worried. Sorry for the long post but just hoping someone can tell me either way should I be worried? Didnt really get told anything by doctors and was rushed through so quickly...

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Hello, I had similar symptoms which started all around 2 months ago and my mass was much bigger and it was cancer but before the diagnosis I was reading a lot about fibroids. The form of my mass (cauliflower) was a good indication of cancer, malignant. So if your mass is quite round and smooth on the ultrasound Id say the chances are quite good its something benign instead of cancer . You are quite young and normally bad OC cancer (the most common ones) happen much. Now my OC is quite rare and Im under 30 but I would not worry yet until you have the full diagnosis. Dont ask Dr. Google either as this might just confuse you more. Wish you all the best!


One benign solid "tumour" of the ovary is called a Dermoid Cyst. It has embryonic structures in it, like hair and teeth and can twist , causing intermittent pain. I had one of these in my teens and it was removed when I was 23 after an episode of severe pain.

I am now 70. It is much more likely to be something like this than a cancer. If so, the cancer marker test ( Ca125) will be negative. You will have the swelling removed and will get a definite answer a week later after it has been examined by a pathologist. I'm sure you'll be anxious until then, but I bet it is benign ( not cancer).


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