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With Chemo VS without “life quality” ?

Stage 4 OC and nodules all over the abdominal & in the last 12 months, I have tried three different of Chemo & the worst from the side effects is the last one (Etoposide-daily tablet). A lot of abdominal pain plus vomiting/nausea as well as diarrhea/constipation and bloating have been experienced. There was not good response …however no major progression and no remission at all. No hope for any surgery the only potential advantage of the chemo is to control the disease. To improve my life quality, I decided to take break from the chemo for at least three months and I already noticed the improvement (pain free so far), but I am not sure if I have taken the right decision or not. The plan is to have a CT after three months then revisit my current plan. Your feedback please, in my decision “to stop the chemo for the time being”?

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Hello. The decisions we make are always the correct ones for ourselves. So please relax into your decision.

Love and best wishes, Daisies

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Hi, I am in same position. Recurrence and mets in liver lung and pelvis. Tried carbo 3 cycles reduction in pelvic mass liver lesions growth so stopped and tried caelyx. After 3 cycles soft tissue leeions shrunk a little but growth in pelvic masss. Waiting for symptoms but severe pain in back so radiotherapy a week ago for back pain. Pain easing now but apt next week to see what next step is. Possibly carbo again, paxitel or tamoxifen but low success rate. Still a little off it from radiotherapy but will see what onc says next week. Feel helpless but not letting it get me down. Now painfree (ish) am having fun time with 2 year old grandson! Last chemo 10 weeks ago. Hope all goes well for you and you feel ok, thats the main thing. Carole x


Well maybe it is good for you to take a step back for a few months and enjoy life to the full. Then you can re enter the battlefield with more strength and determination to fight this battle. Look the good side is no major progression and hopefully your next scan will show the same and maybe you can revisit your options then, In the meantime, do as much as you can to enjoy life with your famiy and have some treats


Thanks to all the feed back ...so far so good (no major pain, and relatively speaking, oveall good ...this is the plan to enjoy life to the full (I know easy to be said), but I will do it as much as i can. No chemo for the coming three months, and i have noticed "so far" the difference ....thx again to all


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