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Spirulina they tell me a super food!!

I was recommended from my friend training in homepathic that spirulina powder is the thing to take to help the body. Im no expert but just thought id pass it on. I haven't tried it yet but the health food shops have all info. Another thing was the paleo diet. Anybody tried it or heard good things about it? If I did have to have chem/rad I was going to look at the alternatives and now im cancer free trying to keep it away as well. Any views on the alternative?

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Well Littlenell, I have tried flaxseed milled from Aldi and green juicing as in green apples celery carrots, ginger and kiwis and the odd time pineapple whatever on offer. I have felt it kept me in haf remission and anyway all those veggies are good for you, I havent tried spirulina or wheatgrass, Beet roots and beetroot juice and some one at chemo mentioned mango fruit if posssible or juice,


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