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Vest is best


When my son was born he had to stay in NICU for 10 days. Heartbreaking times as I could only hold him a few hours at a time. When we finally got him home I wanted to comfort his tears and I found an awesome cheap way. Skin to skin was put in my head so when he cried I'd put him on my tummy under my vest. I made sure the vest was not too slack otlr too tight. He was secured, comfy and relaxed. I was on the rocking chair with him and felt he was safe and sound. He always settled. I'd even sit up in bed with him in my vest, surrounded myself in cushions and pillows and whilst my other half was watching over u s, we slept. Worked for us. As he got older, the star projector and ambient sounds such as rain, heart beat etc... worked a treat.

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