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ive had ocd since i was 12.ive been admitted to hosp with it along wi severe depression .my ocd is the worse end of the scale..also my youngest daughter has developed it too but only a few things .im on an antidepressant which helps my ocd too but ive been told it will never go away.mine ranges from modorate to severe .at th moment im stressed so the ocd is strong xx

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Hi jaccoz i too have days like that when the OCD makes me a prisoner in my own home. Some days it takes me 3 hours to build myself up to going out. Talking helps me once people understand what OCD is and realize it is not just a hand-washing thing! My OCD is more irrational thoughts, which at times cant be debilitating, the panic and fear takes over but with help and support i will beat this and go back to being the way i was before OCD became a big part of my life. It may never go away but it can be controlled instead of it controlling us we just need to know how to and that is what im working on right now :0) good luck my friend i hope i've helped in a tiny way.


yes i hav intrusive thoughts too and that is so so horrible.yes there are bad .horrible upseting days .i at the moment am doing lines eg puting things like sweetners in lines etc.to calm me .i was on diazapam 4 yrs n had to b weaned off that kept me calm.but im allowed to line up as long as the voice dosent come back and my ocd completely takes me over.as im disabled now i cant do certain thngs like a mad cleaning frenzi.etc but ive found ocd ways to satisfy me .yes u seem a bit like me and i welcome ur advice cheers jac ps friends now xxxxx


Hi Jacoz and Kerannik :)

Sorry to hear about everything you are going through. Jacoz, are you getting much support for the OCD? Have you ever had any cognitive behavioural therapy? I had some for my OCD about 10 years ago but in the process of getting referred for CBT again. I agree with Kerranik talking definitely helps especially with other people that understand OCD themselves.

Keep talking

Kirstie x


it didnt work 4 me sadly .ive been diagnosed as severe ocd xx


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