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UK OCD treatment centre

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Can anyone recommend a UK treatment centre / clinic for OCD or a therapist whose focus is OCD / Health anxiety?

Many thanks


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There is the one at Springfield Hospital in Tooting where I was a patient a few years ago. It's an in-patient service and stays are normally 4-6 months. It has a ward dedicated to OCD and BDD patients, with a good and experienced OCD team.

I didn't like the thought of being an in-patient, but it turned out all right! No one is locked up and you are free to go out and about in the extensive grounds or further afield, as long as you notify staff so they can keep tabs on who is where, and as long as you turn up for treatment etc. And as weekends are free from compulsory stuff, you can go home Friday to Sunday if you choose. I did! Each patient has their own room which no one else can enter.

It's an NHS facility so there is no charge. It takes patients from all over the country. Also on the NHS is the Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Centre, in, as the name suggests, Oxford. The clinical director is Professor Paul Salkovskis, an expert in treating OCD. I can't say much about it, and it's relatively new, but I think treatment is on an out-patient basis.

Treatment is accessed via your Mental Health team or your GP. There is much need for more facilities like these around the country!

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SarahC33 in reply to Sallyskins

Thank you! Thats so helpful xxxxxxx

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