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A message to all community members

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The aim of HealthUnlocked is to ensure that all members have a free, safe and supportive environment in which they can share their experiences and thoughts. This is done by partnering with related charities and nonprofits to create communities on specific health topics which are safely moderated by the organisation who have the relevant expertise and knowledge of the health topics being discussed.

OCD UK has been providing moderation of this community to the best of their ability for the past 9 years. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, and so this community space will be closing.

To ensure you continue to receive the best support possible, we are redirecting you all to My OCD Community, moderated by the Internation OCD Foundation, a leading OCD nonprofit organisation.

My OCD Community: healthunlocked.com/my-ocd

Alternatively, you can use our Search to find another one of our 500 communities on the platform that may be relevant to you:

Community Directory: healthunlocked.com/communities

The OCD UK community will be closing in the next week, so please follow My OCD Community to continue receiving support and advice from a group of people in a similar situation to yourself.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact HealthUnlocked at support@healthunlocked.com

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