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Pure o ocd and false memory ocd medication

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What medication have you found helpful for pure o ocd and false memory ocd?

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I'm on sertraline, which I've taken for about fourteen years. I haven't had much in the way of side effects, though this is something that varies from patient to patient, so I can't speak for anyone else.

I'm on a rather high dose of 300 mg a day. I've also found helpful a low dose of an antipsychotic called aripiprazole. I'm not psychotic, but this can be used as a sort of booster for the sertraline or another SSRI antidepressant. I take 5 mg a day and think it helps!

Medication is not the only answer to OCD, though it can help a lot. It is best used in conjunction with CBT. CBT makes the medication more effective, and the medication helps you to do the CBT.

Is this of any help?

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Dorat in reply to Sallyskins

Thank you for your response! Yes this does help... I tried sertraline initially but seemed to have a bad response, however I was only on it for about a week so maybe I didn't give it long enough to start working... I switched to Celexa and am on 20 mg and also taking 5 mg zyprexa (also an antipsychotic I believe)... I had a really good initial response to the zyprexa but now struggling again with false memories and rumination so I don't know what to do next... it's frustrating going through trial and error to figure out the best medication... I'm currently in therapy and doing some Emdr.. I'm not sure if that is similar to CBT?

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Sallyskins in reply to Dorat

The combination of a low dose of an antipsychotic and an SSRI antidepressant appears to be a good one. But don't go on sulpiride (also known as Dolmatil) as it makes you put on weight. Lots of it!

CBT is quite different to EMDR. I'm not sure if EMDR has been found effective for OCD, but CBT certainly is. 'Pure O' isn't that dissimilar from regular OCD as it often involves internal rituals and rules.

I should think CBT would help you with both the 'pure O' and the false memories, as it can help you to understand them for what they are - lying, manipulative bullies! And fight back against them!

Don't be tempted to mess around with your medication too much. It is to quite a large extent as matter of trial and error, but as long as meds don't actually make you feel worse (in that case do come off them) then give them a bit more of a go. Meds aren't an instant solution to OCD, though I'm sure we all wish they were! CBT can be hard work, but in combination with meds it is effective!

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Dorat in reply to Sallyskins

Thank you! I definitely can relate to the internal rituals... have you done CBT for false memory ocd? It's such a hard thing to talk about with others although when I have my family has been understanding and accepting. It can be so hard to turn off that background noise! I think I will ask my therapist about doing CBT... I think the reason for Emdr was that I was attaching false memories to past events... for example something simple that would happen that I would then catastrophize and over time distort the memory of /question my intention and what actually happened... basically doubting and then ruminating cycle... sorry for the babbling, it's just so nice to talk to someone who understands.

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Sallyskins in reply to Dorat

I haven't had false memory OCD, but I agree about the background noise!

I've found it helps to be busy enough to make your conscious thoughts louder than the background noise, but not too busy that you overdo things. It's good that your family are understanding. It can be difficult for family and friends whose patience is often sorely tried!

It isn't called 'the doubting disease' for nothing. And the more you go over something in your mind the worse the doubts become.

Do ask about CBT. It can be done on your own with a self help book which has exercises you can adapt to your own situation, but it does help if you have a sympathetic therapist to guide you.

And don't apologize for the 'babbling'! Feel free to post here when you want.

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