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Alternative treatment?



I am 18 and have suffered with OCD for years. I’ve been in and out of therapy (I’ve tried ERP) and have tried taking medication however nothing has seemed to have a significant help. So I was wondering if anyone has tried any other kind of therapies or treatment? Maybe herbal remedies or different kinds of therapy? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks for your help. :)

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All people with OCD have this problem. Medication only goes so far to help, and CBT and ERP, though effective, are difficult to do.

Herbal remedies haven't had much success with OCD. Do be careful if you're tempted to try anything herbal. People often assume they're safe, and they often are. But they can interact with prescription medication and they can have side effects.

Someone on this forum recently mentioned a substance called inositol, which I hadn't heard of. Studies have found it to be effective in really bad cases of OCD, and it is safe, without side effects, and can be bought over the counter in some health food stores. Apparently the dose for OCD is 18 grams a day, split into three doses of 6 grams.

I haven't so far given inositol a go, but I'd be willing to try it. I don't know if it would work for you, but perhaps you could investigate it.

Meanwhile keep on with the CBT and ERP as best you can. I know how hard it is, but it does help to some extent.

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Thank you! I’ve never heard of inositol but I’ll research into it :)

Hello, I have suffered from OCD all my life, and at 48, I reached bottom. Never did well on meds, my last hope turned my life around! Saffron oil, believe it or not.... If you'd ever like to talk, let me know! :)


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Thank you for your response! Very helpful :)

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Hi, I was wondering if u could give me more details about saffron oil and how you used it to help your OCD?

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I take 15 drops in h20 once a day, and cbd oil as well.... When I first started, i took 15 drops twice a day, when I was at my worst....... In two weeks, my whole world changed! Trust me :) Adam

I've had CBT... as well as ERP. I've lived with OCD and Anxiety for more than 25 years. I also meditate every morning and practice mindfulness. I see these methods, such as ERP and CBT, mindfulness, and what I cal Calmness as something that is a continuous practice. I'm also reading up about ACT - Acceptance Commitment Therapy. I still have really difficult days and periods but I also have a 100% success rate of overcoming those times. Keep moving forward, there's always good times ahead.

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Thank you!

My 18 year old daughter had great success with a program treatment with Dr. Chad Brandt based on Bergen treatment -- check out his website My daughter had very VERY terrible days and I saw her overcome/manage OCD through his program

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Thank you!

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