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Pleas someone tell me this is not true😢


I came across a Post here about a Dad Struggleling with harm thoughts nd scared to be alone with his son he was venting on the post and needed help from others the comments were so heart breaking i wish i would have never read them or came across this post HERE IS A COMMENT THAT I COPIED TO SHOW YOU GUYS HOW BAD THIS SOUNDED THAT MADE ME OVERTHINK AND SCARE ME MORE THAN I ALREADY AM😢

“I have to say if your in fear for your sons cannot be alone with him under any circumstances till you get yourself properly diagnosed to find out what is going on. I'm sorry but I am being blunt and honest about this as it could be just one uncontrollable urge for a moment that changes lives forever....and especially the love you have for your son certainly has to out weight being uncertain about these urges and being alone with him or anyone for that matter....and intrusive thoughts may be all it is...but it's a pretty scary serious one. get help immediately for everyone's sake..


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I think that post is at best unhelpful, and really irresponsible. It can only add fuel to the horrible intrusive thoughts. I know of no case where someone with this kind of OCD has actually acted on these thoughts.

Of course the safety of children must be paramount, but the fact remains that children are safe with people like you.

It certainly would be good for you to have professional help, not for your children's sake but for yours. But I know this is difficult for you. All I can do is reassure you that that post is simply not worth thinking about.

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