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Am i the only one? ☹️

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Am i the only one that fears watching the news because makes ocd worst also im on my phone scrolling tru instagram or facebook and see horrible headline that made my ocd and anxiety go out of control idk why i regret pushing the article and scrolling tru it its now stuck with me makes me feel terrible for even glanzing at it i ddnt ready it but scrolled tru it; it scared me and then the (WHAT IFS) thoughgs start to pop up nonstop!!! ... now im scared i feel like a terrible dangerous person i Have such ugly feeings 💔

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Sounds like you’re feeding the fear manifesting it. That’s not what you want 💜. You know how to help yourself you do. Have faith unplug from your media. Set allotted time you can be in line set a timer. Find other things to do that make you feel good or have to be done

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