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I'm I suffering from OCD?


Hello! I'm Daniel. I'm 18 years old now and suffering from many symptoms since about 3 years ago. I live in Chile at the moment. I feel a necessity of doing things in a certain way, i.e. walking by the left or right of objects, moving things in some sort of pattern, imagining lines around objects and having to 'unwind' or 'reverse' what I just did. If I don't I feel uncontrollably anxious. Also some intrusive thoughts. I have seen several doctors and they've had very different suspicions as to what this might be, including OCD, but never a definitive diagnose. It depends on doing this to counter the effects in some way, but it's not based on an idea like OCD seems to be. I have taken basically all the ISSs available and none has had an impact. Combined with a physical part to it, it has kept me out of studies and life in general since the second year. It's absolutely baffling!

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That sounds very much like OCD to me. Every OCD sufferer is different, but symptoms do fall into the same categories. Having to do everything in a particular way, whether or not it makes any practical sense, feeling you have to go back and undo or reverse what you have done, these are typical of OCD.

The SSRI group of antidepressants are usually very good at treating the worst effects of OCD, but they don't work for everyone. Perhaps ask a doctor if you can try clomipramine, which is an older antidepressant, but very effective for OCD.

The meds should be used in conjunction with Cognitive Behavoural Therapy, or CBT. I don't know whether you can access this in Chile, but you can certainly equip yourself with a book that explains it and gives some examples of exercises you can do on your own. I suggest Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or The OCD Workbook as good ones.

I can also post some links that might help.

Hello Daniel. I am sorry to hear you are suffering. Cognitive behavioural therapy can be very helpful even without medications. You can buy a book that might help you to gain some control of your symptoms. Also, Facebook has some great support groups so you have support 24 hours a day. Good luck, lovey. You are not alone.

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