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Hi please don’t judge me as I feel horrible about myself

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23 years old male. Sorry for getting a little deep here but here goes I’m a porn user(which I know I have to quit because I’m addicted to it) and I was on a website(pornhub) if that helps the other day. I clicked on a “teen” video which I usually avoid because it just make me feel like a horrible person wacthing them and ever since then I’ve had non stop worry about whether or not the woman on the video was actually above the legal age of 18+ and I’ve been non stop checking google for reassurance and even gone on the teen category on pornhub checking the ages of pornstars and seeing how many views these videos have. I have also looked on the pornhub forums just for clarification that the pornstars are above the ages of 18. Now I just have a mad thought that maybe in fact she was underage and now I’m being wacthed and going to be arrested and sent to jail. I don’t know what to do I feel like such a horrible person for even looking at porn. Any advice? Thanks

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Please don’t beat yourself up as you wouldn’t be worrying about their ages if you were a horrible person.

You sound like you definitely have OCD so please get help and keep posting on here as you are not alone.

Also delete that porn site. Good luck 🤞

I'm afraid there are few ways to check whether a particular porn star is over 18, or indeed whether or not she is choosing to take part in making these films.

Don't feel too bad about using porn, as it is much more common than you might think. It's natural to be interested in sex! And people have always used porn in one form or another. It sounds funny, but there used to be a magazine called 'Health and Efficiency' which featured photographs of people scantily clad in sports clothing, and this was a favourite with schoolboys because it was the nearest thing to porn they could get hold of!

The problem with modern porn is that the films use real people doing some very extreme things and you don't know if they have been forced into it or if they are underage, unless it's really obvious. The porn industry is driven by money.

Try not to obsess about whether you have done something wrong, or think you are going to be arrested and jailed. People don't get arrested for watching porn unless it is clearly involves children and is aimed at child abusers. It doesn't sound as though you have accessed, or tried to access, sites like these.

I know it sounds trite, but try to get out a bit more, perhaps get a real girlfriend. I'm sure that you are not a horrible person, just a normal twenty-something!

Hi Lingu123. I would have to agree with Sallyskins and Bird-67. You wont be judged here. Obsessing over the situation may cause more anxiety. So please get the help you need.

Hiya, first of all it's ok, since well known sites like Pornhub do monitor their website to avoid getting into serious trouble, most of the models are 18 and over, should illegal porn be published it can be reported to tge site via the viewers, it is the ones who upload and create the illegal content that would be in trouble, and be targeted especially on a legal porn site like Pornhub, not yourself. So don't worry about it.

Try focusing on less porn and overcoming your addiction to it, there are nofap motivational sites and videos you can look into, find a better hobby you might like, volunteering, getting fit, travelling. Take each step one step at a time and be calm and have patience with yourself. If you need help, find out if there are places you can go for therapy or just someone to talk to. You can get info like this online in your area, local GP etc.

All the best.

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